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Our newly designed canopy with an inflatable provides the ease of use of a pop up tent along with the dashing looks of our inflatables. The inflatable on top gives your tent high visibility from afar. Give the canopy a personal touch with your choice of graphics and a custom inflatable and you'll be set. Add imagery, slogans and logos on the tent panels to make your message truly stand out, then add an inflatable of your choice or a completely custom inflatable to adorn your tent with. The combination of the two will certainly make you stand out everywhere you go.


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Reinventing Promotional Products

At Promotional Design Group, our specialties are manufacturing custom pop up tents, large inflatables and all types of frame tents. The pop up canopy is arguably our most popular promotional product and we are always looking for ways to improve it. Since we already offer the frame tent with an inflatable, we wanted to bring that feature to our pop up tents. This item is unique to PDG because we manufacture all of the aforementioned items in house and it was only a matter of time before we combined them into this new product. A pop up tent provides portability and great looks, but when you add an inflatable to the tent top it completely transforms the tent. The tent can be a solid color or it can feature custom printing on all of the available panels. What about the inflatable? The inflatable is open to limitless possibilities as it can be a replica of an item or a custom shape (which can be anything really). Is it difficult to use? The overall tent setup takes no longer than 15 minutes and everything packs nicely into easily manageable bundles which make it easy to transport. The combination provides the best of both worlds while giving you the advantage of high visibility from afar! Your tent will stick out like no other tent can and it will be visible from about 500 feet away. 

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Impressive Designs

With Form and Function

Over-decorating a promotional product will make it look convoluted and it will take away from the original purpose of making it easy to look at and understand. The tent is designed to be quite simple. It is a pop up canopy with an inflatable that is designed to be in tune with the tent. It easily stands out from other tents without its presence being obnoxious. The canopy with an inflatable serves as a tent with the added benefit of a beacon on top that will be hard to miss with the key player in this equation being the inflatable. The inflatable prop's maximum height for a canopy tentflatable is 8 feet and there are two options. The options are a self-contained inflatable and a continuous air inflatable but it ultimately depends on what you need for your tent. A sealed inflatable only needs to be inflated once and a continuous air blower has to be plugged in constantly. 


Superior Material

We use quality materials on all of our inflatables to make sure they last for years to come.



Digital Printing

Print your favorite graphics for your inflatable to make it look as realistic as possible!


Heavy Duty Construction

The two different tent options are meant to offer nothing but the best with heavy duty construction and incredible warranties.



Sealed Inflatables

Inflate it once and set it up without having to worry about it deflating because it comes with a cap that seals the air within it.

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Unlimited Design Options

Create a unique custom inflatable for your tent. We can make replicas of almost any item and we can create inflatables from scratch. Your choice!

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Cold Air Inflatables

Plug it in and you're ready to go, that's all. It takes no longer than 5 mins to install and once it is set up you don't have to do anything.

Multiple Size Options

Find the right size for you.

Canopies with inflatables are available in multiple sizes with multiple setup options and two frame styles. The varying sizes include a 10x10, 10x15 and 10x20 model. While the styles include a standard pop up tent style and a gable pop up tent style. The multiple setup options include setting the tent up with either a single custom inflatable or multiple inflatables at a time. The 10x10 pop up tent can only be installed with one inflatable while the larger tent options can have multiple inflatables installed on top. 

We offer two different heavy duty tent pop up frames for this tent style. The two frames are commercial-grade anodized aluminum tent frames with incredible warranties that you will not find elsewhere. Their aircraft grade aluminum is not only lightweight, but also robust enough to handle tough situations. First, we offer the Rhino Max which is one of our toughest canopy frames available that comes with an incredible 6 year warranty. Now, if you need a tougher tent, we have one! The Gorilla Max comes with a 7 year warranty! Both frames are incredibly great and can stand in rain or shine for long term installations if necessary. In essence, they are both built to be incredibly tough to be able to handle the added weight of the inflatables while maintaining a sturdy structure. 

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With endless design possiblities, you can't go wrong.

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