Realistic Inflatable Animals

Our inflatable animals are constructed using heavy duty materials that feature high resolution digital graphics that make the animals look real.

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Lifelike Image Quality

Sharp large scale imaging is one of the key features that truly make the inflatables we manufacture stand out. We focus on adding detailed textures, lifelike colors and creating realistic contours for the overall shape to look as real as possible. 

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Elephant (African)

Create a great impression with a replica of Earth's largest land mammal.

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Reticulated Giraffe

This incredibly detailed giraffe prop is available for rent or purchase.

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Walrus (Pacific)

This replica of a giant Pacific walrus is available in multiple sizes.

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Green Iguana

This realistic iguana would be a great addition to reptile shows as an attraction for photo ops!

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Flamingo (American)

The iconic shape and color of the flamingo is brought to life with this prop.

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Egret (American)

With true to life printing, this egret is great for as a decoration for exhibitions and events!

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Our inflatable rhino is one of a kind with its realistic texture, contour and overall looks.

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Parrot (Scarlett Macaw)

Our parrot's colorful printing makes for a highly visible prop from up to 500 ft.

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Lobster (American)

Our larger than life lobster is a great attraction for restaurants, museums and animal exhibits.

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Camel (Dromedary)

Our inflatable camel looks as real as possible with detailed texture that makes it come to life.

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Hippopotamus (Large)

This large hippopotamus features realistic graphics and a true to life size.

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Green Sea Turtle

This Sea Turtle is has been used for many events including educational events at colleges. 

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Cow (Holstein Friesian)

We can make large inflatable with sharp graphics, regardless of size, just like this cow.

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LION (East African)

These inflatable lion props are ready for any exhibition, show or indoor/outdoor event!

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Realistic Animal Props

Create a lifelike safari environment with inflatable animal props to promote, host or decorate events and facilities. These inflatables are available in multiple sizes and fit well in parks, zoos, museums and other venues with open spaces. Rent or Purchase one to create a one of a kind photo opportunity with a set of giant inflatable animals or with just one of these props.

Eye Catching Icon- eye with a heart as the pupil symbolizing an eye catching design
Eye Catching

Unique inflatable shapes with attention grabbing looks.

Beautiful design icon- small butterfly with a colorful set of wings
Beautiful Design

Outstanding design with a proffesional touch.

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Easy to Use

Things don't have to be complicated,  we mean it.

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Unparalleled Quality

Receive nothing less than the best we have to offer.

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Realistic Design 

 Impeccable looks

Making an inflatable look as real as possible requires a creative eye, mind and the tools necessary to execute it. Fun fact, we have all of those. Our team of designers is extremely creative, our computers and hardware are also up to par with modern design studio standards. Finally, we have the necessary equipment to make sure there is no loss of image quality during the final print nor during the manufacturing process. All of this enables us to output the most realistic looking projects that will make a huge impression on anyone who lays eyes upon them. 

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How can realistic inflatables be used?

At Promotional Design Group we have manufactured heavy duty inflatables for the last 37+ years. During that time we have focused on utilizing cutting edge technologies to our advantage to bring a product to market that truly stands out. We employ state-of-the-art printing technology, advanced CAD systems and incredible human talent to bring our ideas to life. Our team is in love with the work they do and we have a great sense of pride in every project that emerges from our facility.

As a company, we are always looking for avenues in which we can develop a better inflatable product than what is already available in the market. For a long time we have noticed that there are different categories that we can single out in the inflatable business and we decided to begin working on a portfolio of inflatable animals. Inflatable animals have always been cartoony in nature and they look somewhat goofy with a touch of reality to them. What we wanted to do was very different. We wanted to create an inflatable that was true to life in every possible aspect. Today, we use high resolution graphics, real world data and amazing talent from our designers to create a large inflatable animal that looks just like the real thing. The final product is a true to life inflatable prop that can be used in any occasion. 

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Realistic inflatables look spectacular with their larger than life proportions, detailed contours and crystal clear imaging.