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The Dura Max is our most popular heavy duty canopy frame. It is a collapsible aluminum pop up tent frame that is simple to operate without the need for parts or assembly. Its lightweight aluminum body provides effortless handling for anyone. This heavy duty frame features a foldable structure that makes it beyond simple to transport and store. The Dura Max is truly a commercial grade frame that steps far beyond the boundaries of consumer grade canopies and its five year warranty is a testament to that.

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Heavy Duty Pop Up Tent?

Yes, the Dura Max is one of our best sellers because it is a heavy duty canopy frame that is built to last. It is made of lightweight, yet durable, anodized aircraft grade aluminum that will never rust. This differs from most canopies which are made of heavy steel which is highly prone to corrosion. The Dura Max also includes thick and durable corner connectors to give the tent a smooth feel during its installation. The frame's rigid structure increases safety in outdoor applications where increased wind could be a risk. This sturdy frame also features thick aluminum base plates that can accommodate heavy duty stakes or sand bags for ultimate safety. It also comes with dedicated push pins to lock the tent in place at the desired tent height regardless of where you are setting it up. The frame is highly weather resistant, so you can take it anywhere you want without it deteriorating in a matter of months. Every aspect of this frame is intended to be long-lasting and durable, hence, Dura Max.

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Designed for True Functionality

With Flawless Reliability 

The Dura Max takes the best features that every good frame has to offer and combines them into one package. Simple design relies on functionality. This frame is not over-engineered with gimmicks, nor dead weight. Everything on it was carefully selected, placed and milled for a reason. The metals chosen, the protective anodized aluminum treatment, and its shape and size were all taken into account when designing this commercial grade frame. 

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Push Release

This simple locking mechanism makes it easy to adjust the tent at the desired height while being able to change it in seconds.



Strong Foundation

The square tube design is a key foundation of the frame's sturdiness. The legs and center mast pole are all square to provide great structural support.

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Truss Support

The truss system allows the tent to be collapsible/expandable but also sturdy with its tough connectors strategically positioned to strengthen the tent.

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Reinforced Components

Dura Max features reinforced corner connectors that provide stability and ease of use when expanding the frame for set-up. The frame's corner Velcro sections further secure the canopy to guarantee a safe and snug fit.

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Durable Metals

The aluminum frame is the tent's backbone and is made with commercial grade aircraft grade aluminum. The anodizing process further extends the aluminum tubing's corrosion resistance, promising many years of reliable use.

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True Functionality

Despite appearing complex, this frame operates flawlessly and is beyond simple to operate. Designed to be user-friendly, this pop up tent frame can be set up in less than two minutes. No need for instructions, it's that easy. 

Sizing Options

Great for any Occasion

This canopy frame comes in multiple sizes that are ideal for any event. Dura Max ranges from our smaller, more personable 5x5 canopy all the way up to our spacious 10x20 frame. The gallery below showcases the different sizes available, but you can also check out our gallery for real world examples.

A versatile canopy frame like the Dura Max can be modified and have accessories added to it without its structural integrity being compromised. You can add printed ad-flags, a custom banner display or even tent counters to the canopy and it will be just as easy to operate with all of the accessories on it. Since it is a heavy duty frame you can have the tent installed out in the sun for long periods at a time and the tent will not give you any problems. It might have a dust buildup but that can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. This tent is more than your typical canopy because it is meant to be used without you having to worry about anything. You set up the tent and enjoy focusing on the best part, your event.
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