Printed Shasta Canopy

A Refreshing Sight!

Shasta-custom-canopy-package-01.jpgCustom Printed Shasta Tent

This customized canopy is full of color and easy to recognize its prominent Shasta logos. From afar it stands out since most tents tend to be plain but this one is appealing because it's not your typical plain tent. The tent is a Gold Package which we have created to offer a great deal on a printed tent. The entire tent top, back wall, short side walls and table cover are printed and the frame included is a true heavy duty frame. The tent top is made to last a long time. It is made with an extremely heavy duty vynil that can be installed for months at a time without it rotting, decaying, or rippping. The print is also heavy duty and it can be exposed to the sun without it fading or scratching off for months of exposure. The tent frame is also heavy duty and it comes with an 8 year warranty. If you haven't noticed the tent itself is entirely heavy duty! The best part is that those are not the only good things about the tent. The main benefit packages offer is the printing on the tent. You can customize it to look exactly the way you want. Pick a color, select images or brand it with logos and slogans. We can print anything. The other benefit to them is the amount of accessories that the package has to offer. 

Accessories Make a Difference

 Accessories make the tent stand out and look different from all other tents that only come with a tent top. All of the accessories serve a purpose and when the tent is installed you can choose to set it up with all of the accessories or you can exlude one or two, depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish. SHasta had its logos printed on the entire tent along wiht a design of colorful circles that they use to decorate their other marketing materials. Being a Soda manufacturer and distributor requires you to promote the product whenever you get a chance. So when is this exactly? During big events like concerts, exhibitions or maybe motorsports events where the main attraction could be sponsored by the drink company. These are all opportunities Shasta could use to showcase their products in front of attendees while giving them a firsthand experience with it. In cases like these the tent makes a world of a difference. You might need to create a line leading to the tent or you can have the pop up tent wide open for people to come and go as needed. It is this versatility the tent package offers while marketing your brand to those taking free samples! 

The Gold Package

The gold package is one of our six packages that make selecting a tent layout easier. It comes with full printing on the vinyl and a heavy duty frame. The vinyl comes with a 3 year warranty that will last a very long time and the tent frame comes with an 8 year warranty. The tent is meant to not only look nice but also to last a very long time and we think we have achieved that with all of our tents. 

Items included:

(1) Fully Printed Tent Top

(1) Fully Printed Back Wall

(2) Fully Printed Side Skirts (half walls)

(1) Printed Tent Table Cover

(1) 10'x10' Dura Max Frame

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