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The Strongest Pop Up Canopy frame in the Industry!

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Equip your pop up tent with the absolute best canopy frame available. The Gorilla Max is the best of the best! It is made with the thickest legs any pop up tent has and the rest of the tent’s components are all made with the absolute best materials possible. The corner tent connectors are all made of metal to ensure the strongest build and durability for the tent. The tent is the best in our canopy line-up and we are so confident that is is the best that we back it with a 7 year warranty.

10x10 Gorilla Max frame closed with a gorilla logo on the background


Better than the Best

We believe that a good investment should last a long time. You should get your money's worth and that is exactly what this frame does. We manufactured it out of mostly metal parts so that it is as durable as possible. The frame is made of the toughest heavy duty aluminum available and it is as simple to operate as any one of the other frames in our entire line-up. The tent is so easy to use that it can be installed in less than five minutes with the tent top and all. The parts it has been manufactured from were all carefully designed to give you a tent that is as reliable as possible. For example, the tent legs and corner connectors are substantially larger than those on a typical frame, but this is no typical frame, it is meant to outshine everyhting else available. 

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Strongest Canopy in the Industry

Assembled to Perfection

This canopy frame is so well assembled that it can take on rough handling in and it will not break or give out. It's heavy duty features are meant attack any weakness most other frames suffer from. The frame's body is made with a hexagonal base that differs from that of most frames which tend to be square. This hexagonal design provides it with a stronger, sturdier structure. Most pop up tents have snapping issues with their plastic connectors, so this tent is made with metal connectors to address that. This way the tent won't snap or break when exposed to even small amounts of stress. It also has a wide base plate so that is can be anchored to the ground properly. 

gorilla max frame- pull pin

Pull & Lock

The tent locks in place when the tent is fully extended. 

gorilla max frame- hexagonal structure

Strong Foundation

The hexagonal tent frame design makes the frame more durable.


gorilla max frame- truss system close-up

Truss Support

Interlocking truss bars provide structural support.

gorilla max frame- support corner close-up

Long Lasting

The corner connectors are made of metal with a plastic cap cover to ensure longetivity.

gorilla max frame- metallic base plate

Useful Base Plate

The metal base plate is perfect to secure the tent to the ground.  

gorilla max frame- metal center mast pole

Spring Mast Pole

Extreme Duty spring system.

Multiple Options

Great for Any Occasion

Choose from a variety of frame sizes to work with. The 10x10 canopy size is the standard pop up tent size available. The larger tents offer a larger footprint for events that require the space. The 10x15 is a bit smaller than the 10x20 but it doesnt include a center pole, as shown below.

All of the pop up tents can be customized regardless of tent size. Personalize one without website, images or slogans for passrby to see. We also offer a mulitple different accessories that perfectly complement any canopy size. They can be adorned with flags, banners or even walls. 

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Your Canopy. Your Choice.

The pop up canopy is your blank canvas to personalize. Tell us how you want it to look and we will tailor it to your liking.

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