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Lifting Blocks Just Got Easier

Need to ballast your tent? Effortlessly transport and position cement blocks and set-up accessories using Lift A Block.

Multi-functional Machine.

This powerful device is designed and constructed to take on several tasks. The solid steel construction ensures a stiff and stable platform that will not bend or flex during use, for maximum safety. Don't hurt yourself trying to balance a 750 lb. block on just two wheels. Not only can Lift A Block perform Olympic style lifting, but it also acts as a basket for transporting tent frame connectors, pins, brackets, ropes, and many other heavy items.  

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Image of a close up of the lift a block showcasing the steel it is made of

Steel Strong

The super strong steel frame is powder coated to withstand weathering and rust. All weld points are carefully positioned and aligned for maximum safety and rigidity. Lift A Block can take a beating, as it was built with durability and longevity in mind. 

image of a person using a lift a block with ease

Easy To Use

Lift A Block is incredibly easy to use, and can be set up in a minute. This incredible little machine is more formidable than one might think. Being able to lift up to 750 lbs., this miracle of a cart can effortlessly lift and carry heavy cement ballasts anywhere you need. 

Close up of the wheel system the lift a block offers with locking rear-multidirectional wheels

Ultra Safety

Safety is a real concern when lifting 750 lb blocks. As such, the rear wheels can be locked for increased safety during lifting and setting of ballasts. The tough wheels also absorb every bump and crack an uninviting floor can offer through transport. 







Crafted In The USA

Lift A Block is built from the ground up in our Southern California facility. Every sharp edge is sanded. Every bolt, washer, and pin on this cart is carefully inspected before assembly. Every inch of Lift A Block is carefully inspected by our quality control department to ensure that every unit meets certain criteria before shipping out. Rest assured, all our American made products are manufactured with care and precision and are meant to last. 

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