Custom Inflatables 

Working on custom promotional projects is our specialty. We manufacture inflatables from design concept to reality with heavy duty materials to ensure a safe and sound construction. Our American Made custom inflatables are built tough and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

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Custom Inflatables W/ Exceptional Quality

Every step of the manufacturing process is extremely important for us. We have developed the most efficient manufacturing techniques while keeping the build quality of the final product intact. So, when we have finalized a project we can be sure all of the custom inflatables that exit our shop will be of impeccable quality.

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Inflatable Replicas - 65' cranberry replica at the beach for Ocean Spray's Pact product reveal.


Large replicas of a product, an object, or even a living thing are amazing in person. It can be a giant cranberry, a large cup, or a larger than life elephant. 

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Inflatable Props - Inflatable Tim Burton prop at a museum exhibition.


Decorating for events doesn't have to be challenging. A custom inflatable prop, which is easy to install, can be any size, shape or color scheme you need.

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Inflatable Animals - Giant animal replicas.


Inflatable animals are perfect for decorating populated venues. Rent or customize your own animal.

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Inflatable Arches - Entrance archways for 5k races and events.


Inflatable arches are great for 5k runs or as entryways into large events. 

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Inflatable Signs - Large logo replicas.


Advertise/decorate your event with a big inflatable sign. We can replicate almost anything.

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Inflatable Tunnels - Football, sports and entrance tunnels.


Use a tunnel as an entryway into a sports game or for any marketing event.

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Sports Inflatables - Sports themed giant inflatables.


Sports themed inflatables are a fantastic way to show off your team spirit or advertise at an event!

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Tent Inflatables - Huge tent structure with a quick deployment system for large scale events.


Host large parties or marketing events with a customized inflatable tent.

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Inflatable Characters - Create a life sized or larger inflatable character.


Create a life sized model of your mascot or logo with a custom inflatable character.

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Space Themed Inflatables: Custom shaped props for education and decorative purposes.


Buy/Rent inflatable models of spacecraft for educational venues.

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Inflatable Domes: Half dome inflatable structures for events.


Use a dome inflatable for your next event where you can give out samples or use it as a mobile showroom!

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Christmas Inflatables - Large array of giant christmas decorations including a giant Santa Claus.


Christmas decorations can't get any bigger than our large inflatable Christmas decorations.

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Halloween Inflatable - Giant inflatable spider decoration on the Promotional Design Group building.


Give your building/premises a spooky vibe with a large halloween inflatable. We have over 20 to choose from.

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Misting Tents - 10'x10' inflatable misting tents with personalized graphics.


Customize a misting tent with custom graphics and make it any size you would like. It's perfect for hot summer days!

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Inflatable Planets - Globes in different sizes for exhibits and galas.


Decorate your event with the entire solar system .Choose from small to large replicas of planets in our solar system.

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Attract Attention Everywhere You Go

Custom inflatables with beautiful imagery and state-of-the-art printing you will make an impact on every passerby. Our printing process operates on state-of-the-art machinery that will create incredibly detailed textures, patterns, clean lines and vibrant color for whatever project comes our way. This is on top of the already incredibly detailed shapes we are able to achieve on our inflatables thanks to advanced 3D Modeling software.

Eye Catching Inflatables
Eye Catching

Unique inflatable shapes with attention grabbing looks.

Great Inflatable Design
Beautiful Design

Outstanding design with a proffesional touch.

Easy to Use Inflatables
Easy to Use

Things don't have to be complicated,  we mean it.

High Quality Inflatables
Unparalleled Quality

Receive nothing less than the best we have to offer.

About Us

Realistic Design 

 Impeccable Looks

Making custom inflatables look as real as possible requires a creative eye, mind and the tools necessary to execute it. Our team of designers is extremely creative and our production team uses cutting edge tools to be able to achieve the best possible imaging on large custom inflatables. Finally, we have the necessary equipment to make sure there is no loss of image quality during the final print nor during the manufacturing process. All of this enables us to output the most realistic looking projects that will make a huge impression on anyone who lays eyes upon them. 

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Do you need a custom inflatable?

We can bring your idea to life! We have a creative team that will work tirelessly engineering a way to manufacture your project with our expertise. Our many years of experience have helped us hone our skills so that working with creative minds is easier. We have all of the tools and techniques necessary for creating high quality inflatable products. Let us know, we'll make a rendering, and once approved we'll move forward with manufacturing.

So, what can we manufacture?

Over the years we have designed all kinds of inflatables that have changed our industry from simple props to a full range of inflatable structures and detailed inflatable replicas. We can build giant custom inflatables such as a massive cranberry, a detailed dragon prop or inflatable planet replicas. The tallest inflatable we have manufactured was a 60' tall cranberry for Ocean Spray's pact campaign. It was installed at the beach and was a huge sensation for the event. On the smaller side we have manufactured 3 foot inflatables, although 6' is the smallest standard size we will manufacture. If you are interested in custom shaped giant inflatables you've come to the right place. We are here to turn your vision into reality. Choose from inflatable structures such as our custom inflatable sports tunnels, domes or tents or build an inflatable from any of our other categories with a completely original design.

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