Custom Inflatable Planets 

Inflatable Replicas of Celestial Bodies in the Solar System


Welcome to our wonderful inflatable universe! These inflatable planet replicas are digitally printed to look as realistic as possible, according to NASA images that is. Museums and planetariums can benefit from these wonderfully printed sealed inflatable planets. Our sealed, or airtight inflatables can be inflated and closed off to stay inflated for months without the use of an on-board blower system/inflator. 


We have every planet in our solar system, including pluto. Now some of you might argue that pluto isn't a planet, and that's okay. Scientists would argue that it's a "celestial dwarf." Controversy aside, we have it and you can buy it or rent it. 


Here's a close up of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Blurry photo aside, this inflatable Jupiter boasts great detail, due to the high resolution art that was used for it. Our designers have the ability to create high-quality art and apply it to almost any inflatable shape. 


There are trillions of galaxies in our unfathomably massive observable universe. Those galaxies have trillions of stars and those stars have planets revolving around them. What’s trillions times trillions? Well, it’s an insanely huge number of planets that our tiny primitive brains can’t fully grasp. Still think aliens don’t exist? And out of all those galaxies and stars, Earth lies somewhere in between the eternally expanding cosmos. Our little blue planet is full of life and wonder, which is why we decided to make inflatable versions of it. While we were at it, we decided to create inflatable models out of all the planets in our solar system. And just for fun, we threw in Pluto and Earth’s moon as well.

Where can I use these inflatable planets? 

Our inflatable planets are ideal props for a huge variety of events and applications. These globes can be set up at weddings, museums, or parties. The options are truly endless. Weddings can be fun, but from time to time, we might see specially themed weddings or receptions that really stand out. Let your guests enjoy themselves with a space themed wedding reception. Simply hang the planets from the ceiling using the durable D-rings. Themed weddings add a splash of fun and uniqueness to the event. People often want their weddings to be memorable, and these planets can definitely help do that. 


Inflatable planets are especially perfect for planetariums and other science related museums, where these hanging props can truly capture the imaginations of children and adults alike. Recreating a model of our solar system is a breeze, since we have all the planets in stock. A large exhibition with all the planets would look pretty spectacular. 

Looking to set up a cosmic party? You can also set these up as party props. Give your party that element that it needs to create a fun and carefree environment for all your guests. A planetary scene would surely add to the level of enjoyment as many will probably take photos with these high quality inflatables and post them on their social media platform of choice. 


Do you rent these out? 

Yes, we can rent out any of our planets and ship them anywhere in the United States. Our rental department offers many sizes for our inflatable planets, so you can choose the best one for your event. Since these inflatables are also NFPA certified flame retardant. Check our inventory ahead of time to make sure we have them in stock, since they do get rented out regularly. 

What material are these made from? 

All our inflatable products are made from durable and long-lasting materials that really endure the test of time. We use a high quality 7 oz. vinyl coated nylon that is specially designed to be somewhat stretchy. This material is tough enough to not rip easily and flexible enough to work as an inflatable material. Although these materials aren’t typically used for inflatables, we’ve found that they are quite perfect for our applications. And with over 25 years of experience in making custom inflatable products, we’re sure that you’ll get something that looks great and lasts. 

Are there custom options?

Of course! At PDG, 99.5% of what we make is custom. If you’re looking to get a name or logo on one of these globes, it’s as easy as just asking for it. Just provide us the logo or custom artwork and we’ll plug it into our design programs. Our talented design professionals will create a free rendering of what the planet will look like with your custom art or graphics on there. If you don’t like the design, let us know and we’ll make the necessary changes. Since we don’t charge for renderings, feel free to make as many changes as you need.inflatable-planet-custom

Are these planets airtight or the continuous blower type?

Our inflatable planets are offered in two styles: airtight and cold-air. Airtight or sealed inflatables have a valve where you inflate the product and then close it off to prevent air from escaping. Cold-air inflatables have an internal blower system that is constantly blowing air into the body of the inflatable and needs to be plugged in at all times. Both models offer a variety of perks. On one hand you have airtight inflatables, which offer a serious advantage if power sources are scarce. But on the other hand, you have continuous blower inflatables that can remain inflated, even if they have minor holes or cuts. To see more details on the differences between sealed inflatables and cold-air types, check out our blog comparing the two styles here.

How easy are they to set up?

These planets are beyond easy to set up. Make no mistake, these are commercial grade marketing tools, not cheap beach balls. As such, these inflatables require either an internal blower system, or an external inflator, depending on the style of the inflatable. In either case, these inflatables can be set up in minutes. For the internal blower types, you simply plug in and turn on. The globe will inflate within minutes. Whereas our sealed models require a different method of inflation. With airtight models, a small inflator is used to reach the desired pressure and then the inflatable is sealed off with a valve, thus holding the air pressure inside. Both methods take less than a few minutes.

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