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Customized promotional arches.

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Classic Design

Arches are among the oldest shapes used in structural design and they've come a long way since. Although we take from the classic design, we've made a lot of changes.
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Inflatable Arches

One of the simpler marketing tools under our belt are the inflatable arches. They have a simple design that makes them highly recognizable. So what is their function? Well, they serve all sorts of purposes ranging from start/finish lines to entryways and exits. Regardless of what you're using it for we know it will be a huge attraction, literally. 

Marathons love custom arches. They want one at the starting line, halfway mark, and of course the finish line. Sometimes the race is a circuit and they use the same arch as the Starting/Finish line. Big events use them as decorations to entryways for concerts, exhibitions, and displays. We've also seen them used in motor sport events and rally racing. The greatest part about an arch is how easy it is to use, regardless of where you take it. All you need is a power outlet where you can plug it in. If you are going to be far from readily available electricity then you can take a power generator with you. Once you provide the air blower that provides the arch with electricity you will need to secure the arch so that it stays put. Securing the inflatable is rather easy. You can tie it down to stakes, sand bags, or water barrels. The typical installation is secured with sand bags or stakes, but should the inflatable be larger or winds be stronger you might need  water barrels. In some instances we've seen customers use four ton K-rails but for practical use this is overkill and unnecessary for normal situations. In a typical event it takes no more than 15 mins. to install and secure any of our arches. 

"The brightly colored archway stood out like no other. People loved it."

-Susana Tuono

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Our inflatable arches come with cool stuff already packed in. 
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Wide Selection 

With Multiple Options

We manufacture multiple types of inflatable arches which you can either rent or buy from us. Some of our customers do not get any printing on their arches because they want to have a banner attached to it and they want to be able to swap the banner for different occasions. The most common arches we produce are custom printed with a slogan along the top and a color scheme on the base of each leg. Another common request is having a custom logo shape in the middle of the inflatable with printing surrounding it to add styling to the arch. Of course, these are only two options of hundreds upon hundreds. You can also customize height, length and thinckness along with color scheme and many more options. If you need a custom inflatable let us know and we will help you style it and identify what size you might need. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure you get exactly what you were looking for. 

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Prominent Branding

Many custom marketing tools focus on being good looking products but they require you to hand them out (business cards, brochures, pens) and they aren't effective when it comes to visibility. Perhaps they are still necessary items but for true event presence that markets itself a custom arch is the way to go. Banners and other printing methods are usually off to the side at events but an arch is almost always front and center. Not only that but an arch is either in the epicenter of a gathering or it is the first thing people see as an entryway. They also tower over everything because they tend to be large, which makes them highly visible from afar. Another key thing about an inflatable arch is the fact that they only requires a few items to install. Metal frame arches do the exact same job but have to be assembled, they weigh a billion pounds and transporting them is no joke. An inflatable arch takes minutes to install, its take-down is also very quick and when transporting it, the bundle they are stored in weighs little and is easy to handle. Aside from good looks, the are foolproof and they don't require a small crew to manage. 

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The video below provides some useful tips showing you how to secure your inflatable. 

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