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To the Moon!

Looking to host an event where having a couple of planets, astronauts, asteroids or even the moon would fit right in? Well we have those and much more! 
collage of NASA themed inflatable rockets and capsules
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Space Themed Inflatables

Our Earth inflatable is by far the most popular space inflatable we have in our inventory. It is so popular that we rent and sell multiple throughout the year. In a close second is our inflatable moon because of its highly detailed graphics where you get to see both sides of the moon!

We've seen people hang the planets in revolving order at exhibits to model the solar system. They order our smaller 8ft planets and hang them from the roof the way you would hang decorations during a birthday party. To no one's surprise NASA orders our planets quite often. They have exhibits, launches, tests, or even gala dinners where they like to use our infaltables to decorate. All of their events tend to have one or two of our inflatables. For one event they ordered large inflatable domes resembling planets and they held little workshops within them that examined facts and features of each planet. Each dome was 30Ft tall and they had approximately 10 on a field, it was truly a sight to behold. Of course, planets are not the only space inflatables we have in our arsenal and these are not the only events people use them for. One of our more common request for music events are our giant inflatable astronauts. They are usually rented in pairs of 2 and they are placed on stages side by side and they look great together. 

"Our event was a great success.  The planets were fabulous."

-Lori Matsunaga
Rand Corporation

The Perks

It just keeps getting better.
Our space themed inflatables come with cool stuff already packed in. 
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Team Up

Working together to create a product that you will love. 

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Be Magical

Products are so Good you won't believe it! Our talented design team will create a free 3D representation of your custom project. 

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Inflation and installation takes minutes.

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Elegant Looks

Realistic Design

The design patterns we use to make the space themed inflatables are as real as possible. If we make an inflatable sun or moon we will not try to come up with our own itteration of how we think it looks because, to be frank, we do not know. Instead we go based off available archives, images, and scale models that will allow us to showcase real figures, shapes, and colors. When you stare at our inflatable moon you will see the detail in it that the naked eye cannot see and the image quality is so  clear that you might spend a couple of minutes admiring the print. If we make a project that is not designed to look realistic then it might have more of a cartoonish design but either way we will make it look elegant. 

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Easy Maintenance

Wether you are renting or buying our outer space inflatables you will notice something when handling them. They are extremely easy to clean. Most of the polyester inflatables get dirt stains and smudges but we use vinyl so that will never happen. Now lets say the inflatable does get a little dirty... well all you have to do is get a wet towlette or shop towel and wipe it. For the most part this will never have to be done, but should it be cleaned it is fairly easy. Once placed in storage the inflatable doesn't require maintenance because it is stored in a heavy duty vinyl bag that will protect it from dust and dirt, potential spills and event rough handling. We do recommend that it is not stored wet becasue it will develop mold, as with anything stored wet. That's about it. Easy right?

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To the stars and beyond.

You can see some of our space themed inflatables in the video below: 

Mini Gallery

Would you like to see more detailed photos of our cool space themed inflatables? Check out our mini gallery below!

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