Frame Tents

Choose from our many different frame tent styles for your custom tent.

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Sometimes Bigger Is Better

Frame tents are a great option for when a pop up canopy just isn't big enough.  The large-scale, roomy appeal of our frame tents means they can be used for a huge array of unique events, including weddings, fairs, festivals, outdoor markets and a wide range of other parties, events and receptions. 

Standard Frame Tents

This classic tent design is now the standard for all frame tents and to this day is the most common tent design available. Find out more about Standard Frame Tents.


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High Peak Tents

Often called marquee tents, these frame tents offer a taller and more defined tent peak that is easier to see from far away. Read More

Frame Tent with Custom Inflatable

Add a custom inflatable for maximum visibility on a beautifully branded tent. We can add inflatable replicas, custom shapes and even logos to any of our frame tents. Read More

Arch Tent

The Arch Tent design is a half-dome tent structure. Featuring a rounded tent top with 4 entrances leading in/out of the tent. Read More

Gable Tents

Gable tents are different from all other tents because their tops are different. They have two sloping sides and two flat sides instead of four sloping sides that meet in the middle. Read More

Custom Designed Frame Tents

If the conventional tent designs are not for you, then we can make a custom shape, add custom printing and even add custom features to your tent of choice.  Read More

Long Lasting Quality 

When you buy one of these tents you are investing in your company's image. The material and printing will last you years and the heavy duty tent frame will last you forever. We will take our time and work with you to make sure you get something that you will be happy with for years to come.

Here's what you'll get with our frame tents:

  • Carry Bag
  • Base Plates
  • Ratchets Straps
  • Custom Printing (Optional)
  • 2" Anodized Aluminum Poles
  • 13 oz. Commercial Grade Vinyl


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Heavy Duty- strong arm with heart icon


Our heavy duty tents are some of the strongest you will find in the market.

American Made Quality- statue of liberty icon

American Made

All of our products are made at our U.S. facility, just outside Los Angeles, California. Promotional Design Group uses top quality, commercial grade materials in every product. 

Custom Printed- Color wheel icon

Custom Printed

With stunning design and innovative production techniques, Promotional Design Group can create a customized marketing product that'll turn heads every time. 








Custom Printing

The large tent is already going to do its part getting people's attention, and it would be a real shame for all that attention to be wasted on a plain looking tent.  With such large peaks, long valances, and huge full walls, you can really make an impact and have your logo stand out. 

Our skilled staff of designers is on hand to help you create a quick, free 3-D rendering of your frame tent design idea. Just send us your artwork and we’ll present you with a richly detailed mock-up before you make any purchasing decisions. 

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Frame Tents Created

Setting up made easy, one tent at a time. 


Color Options

Think of infinity if it was represented by every single color known to humans. How beautiful.


Custom Printed Canopies

With almost endless possibilities available, it's hard to not find what you need. 

  • Disney
  • Coke
  • Live Nation
  • NASA
  • NFL