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Custom Inflatable Props

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Theatric Quality

Use our inflatable props on any stage and they'll fit right in. Transforming a stage in a matter of minutes, with relative ease, is crucial for events with stages. Wether it's a play, a concert or an exhibition you can decorate a stage in minutes and remove them without taking up too much time or space.  
inflatable prop pig, snow globe, watering can, and mushroom inflatable collage
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Inflatable Props

We have inflatable stage props categorized by themes such as Christmas, Space, and Animals but we are always open to abstract work that doesn't fit into a category. We have created unique pieces of work that have even been used in art galleries and throughout exhibitions. 

One of our most memorable projects was taking Tim Burton's Balloon Boy from 2D to 3D. It is a custom shape with a custom color swatch, with custom patterns and an unconventional shape, although it slightly resembles a lightbulb. The piece we created had to take into account what the other half of the inflatable looked like considering it was only a 2D figure on a piece of paper with limited patterns on this side of the prop's half since it was going to end up as a 3D figure. The final rendition of the project was a beautiful custom inflatable that was exhibited at various museums throughout the country including the MoMA. This project was special becuase the craftsmanship behind it allowed it to be displayed in recognized spaces where people would not only photograph it but have it be part of their experience at these locations. We're are very proud to have to worked on it, but more than anything, it's just one of the many exemplary projects we are capable of manufacturing.

"Super weird looking stuff, but it's awesome."

-Jake K.

The Perks

It just keeps getting better.
Our inflatable props come with cool stuff already packed in. 
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Best Warranties

Full warranties on all inflatables. 

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3D Rendering

Our talented design team will create a free 3D representation of your custom project. 

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Quick Set Up

Inflation and installation takes minutes.

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Beautiful Decorations

W/Easy Handling

Decorating an exhibition, stage or event is now easier than ever. Forget tons of decoration items when you can have a couple that are not only more effective but lightweight, easy to handle and exceptionally beautiful. We have perfected the art of printing on inflatable media and are able to inscribe beautiful graphics onto all of our inflatables which makes them look great. The inflatable material itself is extremely heavy duty and the way they are assembled ensures that they will last a long time. We also back them all with extremely competitive warranties because we stand behind the quality in our products. Furthermore, once the inflatable is assembled they are packed tightly into a small bag that can be carried and trasnported with relative ease. How about installing it? Well, it's a super simple task, Roll it out of the bag, plug it in, and secure it with ropes and tethers.. Easy right?

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Custom Designing One

All of our inflatable props are made out of the same material unless there is a special request for a different material, which we can source and provide. The material serves as a blank canvas that can be printed and shaped into whatever you have in mind. Need a large inflatable fruit, or a large inflatable cheeseburger? We can do it. Just let us know what size you have in mind, if there are any specific colors (which we can match at no additional cost) and how fast you need it. If you have a design on a paper or if it is something you saw somewhere let us know what it is or show us the design and we will get to work immediately with a rendering. We create free 3-D mock ups to help you figure out if what you have in mind looks the way it should and once everything looks good we will do the rest of the magic and start engineering a way to make it possible. Its our specialty and to be honest, we love a good challenge. 

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Props for many types of events.

You can see some of our Inflatable Props in the video below: 

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