Inflatable Guitar Prop

No strings attached.

Designed for fun.

This larger-than-life inflatable guitar prop was used by artist, Charli XCX. She wanted to have a cool stage prop for her tour and found all the fun in the guitar we made for her. You can see her rocking out with it in the image below. The ridiculous size makes it that much more fun to wield. Anyone can have fun with an over sized inflatable instrument, don't you think?

custom stage prop

Printing the way you want.

This digitally printed guitar was designed with a funky, black and white zebra striped motif, which matched nicely with her dress. Thanks to our printing department, we're able to print any design that you want. You can design it and provide the art files, or you can leave that up to us. Our in-house design department has been coming up with stunning designs for over 30 years. 

custom guitar stage prop

Sealed freedom.

An inflatable prop like the one you see here does not require a blower system to keep it inflated. This guitar is a sealed inflatable, or a self-contained unit. This means that the inflatable has an inner bladder, which is essentially the inflatable component, and an outer cover. The bladder is shaped and manufactured to look a specific way as far as shape is concerned. The exterior cover is the part that is digitally printed to give the appearance of whatever you're trying to achieve. In this case, the guitar strings and details were printed on the exterior shell, while the actual clear balloon that gives this prop its shape is underneath the cover. Together, these two elements can produce great results. All you need to inflate is remove the valve cover and inflate using the provided inflator. Once the product is inflated close the valve and enjoy. Unlike more common inflatables that require to be plugged in, this one does not, giving you the freedom to take it anywhere you want. 


 Custom inflatable guitar, made to last. 

  • Full 3-year warranty.
  • Inflator included.
  • Ground tarp included.
  • Carry bag included.
  • Stakes and ropes included. 

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