Silver Canopy Package

Custom Canopy with Printed Tent Top and Back Wall.

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Finding What's Right For You

The reason we created these packages was so that you can decide which set up is right for you and your needs.
multiple silver canopy packages with printed canopy tent tops and full back walls
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Silver Package

The next step in showing off who you are.

Our next offering in our line of pop up canopy packages comes with your choice of frame, completely printed tent top, and fully printed back wall. Even if you start with the Bronze package, you can always add a back wall later and turn your Bronze into Silver.

"Super sturdy pop up tent. We'll be getting more in the future for sure. "

-Marcie Goldstein

Upgrade Your Canopy.

One of our more popular packages. 

This canopy package is an easy upgrade from our Bronze Canopy Package.  This package gives you a lot more advertising space without adding a lot more cost.

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What's Included

Here is what you'll get with your Silvery Canopy Package.

Econo Max pop up canopy tent frame photographed in a studio

Choice of Canopy Frame

Ranging from light use to heavy use, we have a frame that's right for you.  Whether it's our Econo Max, Dura Max, Rhino Max, or Gorilla Max; we have a frame that will fit your needs and last you. 

hoosier lottery custom printed dye sublimation canopy tent top

Custom Printed Tent Top

With the various methods of printing at our disposal we can print whatever you want on your tent top,  Just send us your logos and colors and we'll handle the rest.  

Grocery outlet full back wall with a custom print of puppets on it

Custom Printed Full Wall

If we can print whatever you want on your tent top, we can definitely do it on your back wall.  Whether it be your logo, graphic art, or an image; use the extra space to your advantage.

The Perks

Sometimes just having printed peaks and valances isn't enough to get your message across.  Maybe you have a design idea that requires more space than just a tent top.  Just a step above the Bronze Package, the Silver Package gives you so much more space to work with by just adding a simple wall.

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What We Can Do For You

With over 30 years of experience in making custom tents and inflatables we've become very good at understanding what customers want and need.  We do our best to make sure you get exactly what you want and the way you want it.

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