Custom Tents

Marketing tents represent your company/organization everywhere you go and sometimes a plain tent doesn't cut it. Stand out from the rest with a beautiful custom tent.

What is a custom tent?

Create a uniquely designed tent in your preferred size, color and tent shape. Why compromise for a tent you don't want? Envision it, design it and we will bring it to life. That's our specialty.

Custom Canopies

We manufacture pop up canopies with custom graphics and a wide range of accessories for different purposes. Choose from 5 different sizes and we will help you customize your heavy duty canopy. They are very easy to use and can be installed in as little as 5 mins or less!
  • Great Portability
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy Duty Canopies!



Custom Tents : Canopy

Custom Canopy

Design a custom canopy however you'd like it to look. Choose a size then add printing and accessories, we'll handle the rest.

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Custom Tents: Canopy Models

Pop Up Tent Models

Take a look at our different collapsible tent frames and find the right one for your needs. They are all heavy duty pop tent frames.

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Custom Tents: Canopy Packages

Pop Up Tent Packages

Take a peek at our pre-designed tent packages that offer different accessories with multiple tent configurat

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Custom Tents: Canopy With Inflatable Prop

Canopy With Inflatable Prop

This pop up canopy comes with a custom inflatable prop placed on top of the tent. This makes the tent truly stand out.

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Custom Frame Tents

If you are looking for a heavy duty and semi permanent structure or a larger tent, then these are the way to go. Frame tents can be manufactured in larger sizes than a pop up tent because they are assembled with a modular system that allows for larger structure builds. The larger sizes range in the 20x100 range. These large tents can be custom printed and if needed we can also make them any desired size.

  • Larger Sizes Available
  • Heavy Duty Constructions
  • Long Term Installations



Custom Tents: Frame Tents

Custom Designed Frame Tents

We can tailor any tent to meet your specific needs. We offer unlimited printing options on any standard or custom sized tent.

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Custom Tents: High Peak Tents

High Peak Tents

These tents offer an elegant tent top with an iconic look. The most popular high peak size is a 20x20 but it is available in many sizing options.

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Custom Tents: Standard Frame Tents (Pole Tents)

Standard Frame Tents

This simple tent offers the classic tent top design with all of the functionality needed for parties, weddings and large events.

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Custom Tents: Frame Tents with Inflatables

Frame Tents With Inflatables

This tent features a custom inflatable on top of the tent which increases its visibility up to 500 feet from the tent!

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Custom Tents: Dome Tents

Arch Tents

This particular tent offers an enclosed tent style that provides some privacy with its dome enclosure. 

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Why customize a tent?

When you attend an event it is important to have a professional booth. A nice event tent will leave an impression on your customers and will attract passerby to your booth. You can customize a tent with custom imaging and we can print just about anything since we can print on every single panel of a tent. We use state-of-the-art printers with a wide color gamut and HD graphics printing capabilities. We offer multiple tent sizes as well but if you need a custom size just let us know and we can accommodate for that. We can also create custom tent shapes if you need a non-conventional tent.

Customizable Graphics

We offer virtually infinite color and imaging printing options.

Multiple Size Options

We offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate for different needs.

Custom Structure Design

We are not limited to conventional tent designs.

Heavy Duty Construction

All of our tents are built with heavy duty materials for durability.

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Heavy Duty Tents

We manufacture all of our tents in the our warehouse located in Southern California. We also use the absolute best materials for all of our products in order to ensure that quality is never an issue with our products. Our tents are meant for long term installation, including our pop up canopies! Our tent frames, tent tops and all of the accessories are built to last. This alone sets us apart from the competition. We are so confident in the quality of everything we build that we also pair each of our products with the best warranty available in the entire industry.

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