Bear River Band Ice Skating Tent

Portable Ice Skating System for the Bear River Band.

More Than a Standard Frame Tent


The standard tent design is now a classic tent style that is still very popular. It was the first pole tent to become the standard tent design, hence the name. We offer many standard frame sizes and configurations since we manufacture them ourselves. We also customize the tent tops with printing which gives the tent the right touch of color instead of a bland single color tent. They are typically used for large scale events as entrances or hubs where people gather but we never imagined it could be used to host an ice skating rink. It is instances like this that not only prove to be pleasant surprises but that also serve as learning experiences because we now know this is one of the possible ways our clients use the tent. 

Skating fun for everyone. 


Mobile ice rinks are very popular in areas, well you guessed it, where it doesn't snow and the tent helps with the rinks mobility. They hire a team that can put the rink together and then they cover it with the tent built around it. The tent protects the ice rink from getting dirty and participants can skate without debris flying in their path. The event proved that an ice skating tent is not only something feasible but a great combination of ideas. Portable skating arenas can be constructed just about anywhere you need it, but covering it so it is not exposed to debris, dew, or rain is important. Especially if it's going to be at the location multiple nights. 


The images above show some of the locals in Northern California skating at the event and having lessons under the tent. The skating rink was a complete success as many families and community members came and enjoyed the event.

Tent Details


The tent is a 40'x90' standard frame tent with custom printing on the balances and the tent top. The materials it is made of consist of heavy duty vinyls and lightweight aluminum. The vinyl can be left on the tent for months at a time and not show signs of wear and tear. The printing on the tent top is done with an advanced solvent printer to ensure the print is extra resistant to the elements. As if that wasn't enough, we add a layer of protection with a U.V. inhibitor/ scratch resistant coating to further protect the print on the tent top. The tent frame consist of many poles and interconnecting sections that for this we choose an heavy duty aluminum to keep the weight down or else the whole structure would be too heavy to even handle. One of the things we recommend is securing the tent to stakes placed along the outside of the tent to keep it grounded. When the whole structure is finally installed it will be an attraction for anyone who sees it because the tent is so huge and once you see the skating arena within it you won't believe it. 

The tent frame comes with a limited lifetime warranty and the tent top comes with a 3 year warranty if it is printed. If the tent top is a solid color it comes with a 5 year warranty. Special projects have the same warranty unless it is something way out of the ordinary, in which case you will be notified before your purchase. So, if you have a tent design you would like to see implemented just let us know and we can definitely work with it since we have 35+ years of experience under our belt. 

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