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Custom Food Tents

Portable concessions stands. Commercial tents for the food service industry.
Various food booth canopies on the promotional design group parking lot
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Food Booth Package

Spend less time setting up your canopy and more time with your customers. 

We talk a lot about the canopy and custom printing, but we haven't forgotten that the main attraction is your food.  The canopy is all about attracting people to you and letting your food take care of the rest.

"Our new concessions stand is perfect."

-Jan Holmes

Who's Hungry?

The food booth package will come with everything you need to get your mobile food service up and running.  An attractive tent top, full walls with mesh to let the air move through the area, a zipper entrance/exit so you have a way to get out, and 2 serving windows so you can give the people what they want.

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What's Included

Check out what's included with the awesome food booth packages.

Dura max canopy tent frame on a clean studio background

Frame, Frames, Frames

If we've said it once, we've said it probably 6 times already, we have a lot of frames for you to choose from and are always coming up with more designs.

Red canopy tent top with colorful imagery

Custom Printed Tent Top

You should really want to stand out from all the other food booths.  Make yourselves known and draw people in.

custom printed full back wall with blueberries and seeds of some sort as well as a note talking about quality of the ingredients

4 Custom Printed Full Walls

Like with so many other items, you get your choice of options here.  You can do full mesh walls, one piece mesh/vinyl walls, or mesh/vinly walls that you can detach.  This way you have the option of using the mesh or just having bottom rail skirts without the upper mesh.

food booth serving windows above a printed side skirt included in all food booth packages

Wall W/ Mesh Windows

You're going to need a way to take orders and give the people that delicious, delicious food.  Two servings windows are the perfect way to do it.  One window to take the orders and one window to give them out, perfect way to keep the line moving.

zipper entrance and exit on a full back wall on a food booth canopy tent

Zipper Entrance/Exit

You're also goign to need a way to get in and out of your booth.  And what happens when you have to move supplies into the booth because you are selling so much?  A zipper entracne will really come in handy then.

One of these things

Is not like the other

We've all been to events where we see rows of solid color food booths, not know who is who until you pass the booth.  Why not be the unique booth that stands out in the middle of a sea of blank white booths.

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We try to listen to everything our customers have to say.  It helps us become a better company and helps make sure we offer the items and options you really want. Nobody knows your needs better than you, we are just here to help make sure you get what you need to help your business.

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