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We can create a replica of ANYONE

In years past creating an honorary statue of someone was done in tandem with a professional sculptor who would capture the person's image and translate that onto a large stone. Today we can create just about anything with a 3D modeling software and work from there as both a reference and a truing system. Since one of our specialties is custom inflatables, our designers have been working on a new and fascinating chapter for our creations to be displayed in a whole new way.
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Inflatable Statues

Inflatable Bust Replicas have a great many applications ranging from educational props, stage decorations or indoor/outdoor advertising. This is because they don't weigh tons of pounds as opposed to those made of stone. On average our inflatables weigh around 30-150 pounds depending on the complexity of the shape and size. This allows them to be highly transportable, since they can be taken virtually anywhere. 


Quick and Easy Installations

When it comes to the functionality of our inflatables, we like to focus on making them as straightforward to use as possible. The overall process of setting one up is relatively easy since it is mostly a plug and play type of installation. All of our inflatables have ropes attached to the tethering points (D-rings), so you can tie it down safely and securely. 

To install, just make sure you have a clear area that will be the footprint of the inflatable plus 3-5 feet on each side. Then unroll it, inflate it with the provided blower system and tie it down with the provided ropes. It's fairly simple. 

We custom manufacture durable inflatable replicas that vary in shape and size. Our designers have the ability to recreate busts in the style of marble, obsidian, or any other rock you want. Looking for other historic icons? We can also make inflatable statue busts of prominent inventors, humanitarians, or even your grandma!

Why work with us?

We do our very best to provide every one of our customers with exceptional service.

If you have any questions about planning, how inflatables are made or pricing, then please let us know. We know that being able to ask questions in real time is important. If you have any question our team will be here to answer them as best as possible. We'll get back to you with a direct response and helpful options. Also, feel free to send us a sketch or a logo and we will apply it to a free rendering we will provide you with for your inflatable.

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Quick Turnaround Times

We can meet fast approaching deadlines if needed!

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Eye Catching Designs

Stand out from the rest with mesmerizing designs. 

Realistic Inflatable Busts

Our latest inflatable designs come in the form of statues, Presidential ones to be exact. Digitally printed with stunning detail, our innovative inflatable replicas are perfect for museums, government buildings, town squares, and more!

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We Ship Nationwide

Once you are ready to either purchase or rent an inflatable we will require an address for us to ship it to you. You could also come pick it up in our South El Monte, CA facility where we manufacture everything with U.S. made materials!

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What About Other Inflatable Characters?

Statues are but one design style for inflatable characters. As mentioned above, you can choose from an inflatable bust resembling a granite stone texture or we can make a realistic design. Of course, we know that these two options aren't for everyone, which is why we also make custom inflatable Characters and Mascots, which you can see below.

Inflatable Presidents

This Abraham Lincoln inflatable is one of many we plan on manufacturing. As a matter of fact, we look forward to making an inflatable of every president! Yes, all of them! Along the way, we will also venture into other historical figures and create a replica of a few of them as well.

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