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You Can't Stand Out More

Who could possibly miss seeing a tent with an inflatable on top of it?
BBQ, RIff Raff, and VW Bug Frame Tent with Inflatable visible at events throughout the country
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Frame Tent w/Inflatable


With this tent and inflatable combination we've developed a very unique way for people to stand out and get noticed.  We had been making tents and inflatables individually for years when we finally had the idea to put an inflatable on top of a tent and it's worked out magically.  Literally magic, we aren't too sure how it gets up there on its own.

"These tents are going to change the industry."

-Lynn Walther
National Marketing Services

The Steps

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We make it easy to get what you want.
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Send us your artwork and we'll turnaround a 3D rendering within a couple of hours. If you don't have artwork, we can help with that.

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Working Together

Our talented design team will work with you to create a free 3D representation of your custom project. Don't worry, we'll do all the heavy liftin' buddy ol pal. 

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Once you approve the rendering, your job is done. Just leave the rest to us.

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The Tent

We custom designed a frame specifically for this product.  We needed to make sure the inflatable had a stable base to rest on top of the tent while still keeping large and visible peaks for graphics and logos.  Luckily we have the capability to design and build all of our frames at our facility.

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The Inflatable

Making the inflatable was a bit easier than coming up with a design for the tent frame, mostly because we've been making inflatables for much longer.  The only thing we had to figure out was the best way to secure the inflatable to the top of the tent. 

Another great thing about this product, if you don't want to put the inflatable on top of the tent, you don't have to.  The inflatable will work great on the ground next to the tent or as a standalone piece.

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In the event that you can't upload instant instructions to your brain (like in The Matrix) on how to set up a custom tent , here is a helpful installation video.

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