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The Econo Max is our entry level heavy duty pop up tent frame. There are four tiers of heavy duty frames but even our entry level is amazing. The Econo Max is made of a white powder coated steel and it comes with a 2 year limited warranty. It differs greatly from a consumer grade frame because it is made of thicker and more durable components. Since it is our only steel frame we wanted to make it as good as it gets and we have truly achieved that with the Econo Max.

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Built with Great Value in Mind

The frame is a white powder coated steel frame with the same collapsible frame design as any other pop up canopy. It offers a solid and durable build because it has been fortified in every aspect possible. The plastic connectors are made of non recycled plastic which delivers higher impact resistance. Those same plastic connectors have been manufactured to be more robust than smaller counterparts. At the same time, in order to make sure the frame packs a punch, we made the frame’s build thicker than any steel frame you can find. The legs are 30mm square legs as well as a center mast pole. The scissoring truss bars are also made of steel to provide the entire frame with consistency and a clean look. None of the parts that require interaction are complicated, rather, they are easy to access and use so that the experience of using the frame is never difficult. These features are what makes the frame unique.

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The Best Steel Frame

Best Bang! For Your Buck

Although it offers the same great features as our other heavy duty tents it is cheaper because it is not made of aluminum, rather, the Econo Max is made of steel. Since the frame is made of steel it does have one downside when compared to the aluminum frames. The downside? It is a little on the heavy side when compared to its aluminum counterpart which is 16 pounds lighter. The good thing about the steel frame is that it is powder coated to keep it from deteriorating from long exposure to the sun. The white powder coat finish gives the frame a clean and professional look.

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Pull & Lock

Locking the tent structure securely has never been easier, just expand it and you're done.



Strong Foundation

The materials the tent is made out of are extra strong and durable.


Truss Support

The truss system enables the tent to be collapsible while also adding support to the entire canopy.

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Long Lasting

The plastic connectors are made of commercial-grade plastic so ensure logevity.

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Leg Extenders

With these variable leg extenders have a quick release system to make installations and take downs easier.

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Clever Design

Although the tent might have a complex feel, it is actually quite simple to operate.

Size Matters

Great for any Occasion

The most common canopy size is the 10x10 pop up. The Econo Max comes in multiple sizes to fit everyones needs because we want you to have options to choose from. These options range from smaller 8x8 canopies to the larger 10x20 canopy size.

Once you select the frame size you are looking for you can easily customize the tent with your logos and branding. You can add any graphics you want to the tent top and you can even add as many accessories as you want to the tent itself. One of the accessories we highly reccomend for the tent is the roller bag to both store and transport the Econo Max. 

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