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Detailed Accuracy

Make a huge entrance everywhere you go with a giant replica of your product, item or mascot. Your presence will not go unnoticed because every inflatable we manufacture is eye-catching due to size, print and of course, accuracy. 
Inflatable replica football, iguana, surfboard, Lays potato chips, rocket collage
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Inflatable Replicas

Precision graphics make these inflatable models look good from just about any distance. Our design department will gather all of the necessary images and graphics to make sure every one of our large scale replicas look as real as possible.

One of the most common replicas requested is a variation of our inflatable cans and bottles. Inflatable drink replicas are huge for event sponsors that need a scale copy of their notable drinks. They are used as both decorations and beacons at large events where being able to see something from afar helps a lot. They are also attractions that people are always taking pictures with because they have never seen, whatever the item is, in a large size. They tower over everything else at events and since they are not a common sight they fill those who see them with curiosity. 

"The massive inflatable cranberry was a sight to see. You could see it miles away! It was awesome."

-Sarah Wilkins

The Perks

It just keeps getting better.
Our inflatable replicas come with cool stuff already packed in. 
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Best Warranties

Full warranties on all inflatables. 

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3D Rendering

Our talented design team will create a free 3D representation of your custom project. 

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Quick Set Up

Inflation and installation takes minutes.

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True Customization

Let's work hand in hand

Every aspect of how the final replica should look falls in your hands. If you need a specific size, shape, color or even if it's a non-conventional design we will take your idea and run with it. We specialize in creating customized products where you bring ideas to the table and we make them a reality. Of course if you need some guidance we are here to help and our design team is more than capable of lending a hand. We have designed tens of thousands of inflatables, so we might know a thing or two about their design and how they could work. Dimensions are usually the first thing we take into account when making an inflatable. We then ask about graphics to make sure there is no pixelation when the final product is printed. If a specific color is needed for the project we also accommodate that at no extra cost. Of course this isn't even the beginning of what can be done to an inflatable to consider it custom but they are a few examples of the most common customizations we do.                   

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Easy to Use

Our inflatables are, for the most part, easy to use. Installing and securing an inflatable takes minutes and the task is so easy a small team could handle it with no problem. During your first install it might take up to half an hour to install a 30ft inflatable, but when you have done it multiple times you will be able to complete a setup in less than 10 minutes. Securing the custom inflatable is also easy, we provide the necessary solutions for you to secure it without it flying away. Transporting and storing them is also very easy. They roll up into a small bundle that fits within a heavy duty bag. They weigh around 140 LBS and the heavy duty bags are easy to carry, with a buddy that is. All in all the inflatables are not complicated and they are pretty foolproof so anyone who is using them can do just a good a job installing it as the next guy. 

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The video below showcases some of our Inflatable Product Replicas.. 

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