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We have many inflatable tunnels in our rentals inventory for you to choose from or if you want something custom let us know and we will work together to find what best suits your needs. 
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Inflatable Tunnels

Football tunnels, where teams come out screaming and tearing homemade signs bearing their team logos and a drawing of mascot, are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an inflatable tunnel. Well, there are even more ways you can use them! 

Large inflatable structures are not a common sight but we have been manufacturing huge inflatable tunnels for over three decades and we have seen a lot of them. Not only have we seen a lot, but we have actually made many ourselves. Sports tunnels, custom shaped tunnels, mascot tunnels, inflatable car garages, and even inflatable booths, held within tunnels, at exhibits. We've done it all! We are actually surprised when we see our tunnels being used in a new way. More than anything, it's exciting because we get to see exciting new ways which they can be used and that get's our creative juices flowing. We come up with new ideas and we tinker with them until we have found a way to incorporate them into our skill set. It's one of the many things that keeps us creative, but of course we do not know everything which is why are surprised when a customer wants to use a tunnel in a manner we hadn't thought of before; It's exciting. 

"The inflatable tent looked great. It really enclosed the space and really brought a lot of people in. Overall, it was a great success."

-Tim Brennan
Renegade Marketing

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Structurally Sound

It's All in the Air

There is a special reinforced design incorporated into our more elaborate inflatables. We call it a baffling system that guides the airflow in the inflatable which makes the inflatable more structurally sound. It helps it have an even airflow so it won't buckle at random spots that might be crucial to the tunnel's stability. The inflatable will also last longer because everything is evenly pressured and this eliminates one area from being stressed, which can cause it to burst or rip. As if that wasn't enough, we utilize high quality materials to ensure that what we are building is not substandard. On top of that we apply reinforced D-Rings for you to secure the inflatable without it ripping or bending the tunnel out of shape. To top it all off, we provide the best warranties in the industry because we know that what we manufacture is going to last a long time. Overall the inflatable tunnels we manufacture are not only as safe as can be, but also of the highest quality they can be.  

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Tunnel Types

There are two main types of tunnels to choose from. We have the caterpillar tunnel and the spider legged style. The difference is quite noticeable between them since the caterpillar design is more closed, with walls on the sides, as opposed to the spider legged tunnels which are more open and typically lack walls. The baffled system is made in a smaller scale because it doesn't make sense to make it extremely large due to the fact that it can get very heavy. The spider system on the other hand can be enlarged fairly easily beucase it doesnt weigh much. On caterpillar styles we tend to add shapes either at the end of the inflatable or the entire inflatable is a shape with a tunnel within it. Check out our examples below!

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The video below provides some useful tips showing you how to secure your inflatable. 

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