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The Sky Is The Limit

Discover a world of possibilities with unique inflatable design. As the leading inflatable manufacturer in the States we aim to create unique and completely original inflatable designs for our in-house inventory. At the same time we are here to help you create a unique shape of your own. We work on our personal projects every single day and have all of the necessary materials to help you create your own custom project. We will work hand in hand with you and deliver an inflatable exactly the way you request it. Our design team is extremely talented in both image handling and 3D design. This allows us to create incredibly detailed shapes with crystal clear textures.

Custom Inflatables

Endless designs for infinite applications. If you can visualize a concept, we can create it. From movie props to product replicas, a heavy-duty custom inflatable is ideal for gaining maximum exposure with minimal set-up effort.

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Inflatable Structures

Unpack, inflate, be happy. Our inflatable structures are quick and easy to set-up within minutes. Choose from domes, arches, tunnels, and more. If a custom design suits you more, our inflatable design team is here to help.

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Inflatable Products

Already have a product in mind? Chances are we may have already produced what you're looking for. Whether it's an animal, character, sign or your favorite sports icon, we have hundreds of inflatable models to choose from.

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Inflatable Rentals

Find an inflatable for your next event! We have a large selection of inflatables available for rental. Choose a stock inflatable or a themed inflatable in just about any size you need. Read More

It's all in the details. 

 Quality you can expect. 

The difference between a quality inflatable product and something you find online, lies in the details. At PDG, we pride ourselves in paying close attention to those details. Our experienced production team has decades of knowledge in inflatable design. And when you've been designing inflatable products and structures as long as we have, the difference is as clear as daylight. 

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Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant

Most of our products are treated with an NFPA certified fire retardant coating to ensure your investment doesn't turn into ash. 

American Made Icon

American Made

All our inflatable products are made at our U.S. facility, just outside Los Angeles, California. PDG uses top quality, commercial grade materials in every product. 

Eye Catching

Eye Catching 

With stunning design and innovative production techniques, PDG can create a customized promotional product that'll be turning heads in no time. 









Wide Selection

Many Sizes & Styles

An Inflatable can come in many sizes, shapes and styles. On the smaller end we manufacture 5ft inflatable designs and on the larger end... well, we can make it as big as neccesary. As far as shapes go, you can customize it to look however you want with an abstract look or it can follow a more convetional shape which can then be customized. Our many styles also range from inflatable tents to inflatable animals or even inflatable replicas. In our inventory we have over 1,000 different types of inflatable products but if what you are looking for is not in our inventory then you can customize an inflatable to your liking. Our 35+ years of experience have enabled us to understand the ins and outs of an inflatable since we have built thousands upon thousands. So, regardless of what you're looking for we can help you find exactly what you need. 

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Inflatable Structures Created

Setting up made easy, one inflatable tent at a time. 


Unique Inflatable Creations

From to music video awards to museums, PDG's custom inflatable designs set the stage.


Inflatable Products Created

With over hundreds of models available, it's hard to not find what you need. 

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  • Coke
  • Live Nation
  • NASA
  • NFL