Heavy Duty Aluminum Canopy Frame

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Heavy duty canopy frames are meant to be used in all sorts of situations on a daily basis. They can be installed out in the sun for days upon days without damage. The Rhino Max offers some of the best features a pop up canopy frame has to offer. It is thick, the connectors with the most amount of stress are made of metal and the plastic parts are made of commercial grade plastic. Although it is a thick frame, it is lightweight because it is made of commercial grade anodized aluminum. 

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 Strong and Reliable

What should you look for when considering a heavy duty pop up tent? You want a tent that is first and foremost truly a tent. It needs to have a simple and functional design. The tent has to be easy to operate without any gimmicks or flaws. It also has to be able to withstand any environment and situation (as long as it is safe) without you having second doubts about whether it is "good enough." The Rhino Max is a unique breed of canopy tent that we have manufactured. It offers the same simple collapsible tent design while making the experience of owning the tent a whole lot easier. The tent is very easy to operate and since it is made of aluminum it is quite light. Transporting and storing it is also easy since it doesnt take up too much space. Last, but not least, the thing that sets it apart is the fact that every weak point in a regular pop up canopy has been reinforced with heavy duty counterparts to make this tent. Everything is beefier, stronger and far more durable than a consumer grade tent. The tent is, in essence, perfect. 

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Heavy Duty, Redefined

Built with Functionality in Mind

It includes all of the functionality of a regular tent with a beefed up structure while at the same time offering versatility. It comes in different sizes to accommodate the different needs our clients have while being compatible with all of the accessories we offer for tents. This heavy duty pop up tent offers robust canopy legs that are 40mm thick while most other tent frames tend to be around 30mm. To top this off, it is made of aluminum instead of a heavy and easily corrosive steel body. The aluminum it is manufactured from has been anodized so it has a protective coating that prevents it from being scratched and deteriorated when exposed to the elements. The materials it has been manufactured from make it not only a truly reliable frame, but we are so confident in it that we cover it with a limited 6 year warranty. The Rhino Max is a frame that truly delivers for anyone looking for a strong and reliable canopy.

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Pull & Lock

The lock pin system is easy to use since it is easy to grasp and pull, and.. it locks automatically.


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Strong Foundation

The square foundation for the frame's main structure is perfect for good structural integrity.

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Truss Support

The truss system provides the tent frame with an extra sturdy tent structure.

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Long Lasting

The plastic parts on the tent are made from non-recycled plastic which makes them even stronger and durable.

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Commercial Aluminum

The aluminum used in the frame keeps it lightweight and strong at the same time. 

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Metal Connectors

The metal connectors on the canopy are can withstand rougher handling without snapping like plastic ones.

Size Matters

Great for any Occasion

Choose from the many sizes available for this frame. Whether you need a large tent or a smaller tent, we've got you covered, literally!

The most common tent sizes are the ones seen above. Since the frame is meant to be a specialty heavy duty frame we only manufacture it in the most common sizes our clients need. These three canopy sizes are such a common occurrence that they have become the industry standard.

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