Custom Food Booth: Tacos Pop Up Tent

Mobilize your concessions stand!

carne-asada-canopy-pop-up-tent-01.jpgPortable Food Structure

Taco stands are common everywhere in Los Angeles but the majority are sold out of food trucks and those cant go into private spaces like concerts and farmers markets in the middle of parks. This Mom and Pop taco stand bought a tent to help them solve that problem. They can now take this structure anywhere they need to be without it taking up too much space in their arsenal to set up the booth. The tent install itself takes only about 15 mins and the take down is even faaster than that. This lets you dedicate your time to set up everything you need to sell instead of having to worry about the mobile structure and taking up to an hour to install like the other portable concession stands. The tent itself is a heavy duty tent meant to last a long time and we truly believe this, which is why we have backed the frame with an 8 year warranty and the vynil with a 3 year warranty. The tent also meets California State Fire Marshal Regulations and is NFPA 701 compliant so if the fire marshall comes by, regardles of state, you dont have to buy a fire marshall permit. Designing a tent like this is also very easy, since we have been doing it for a long time we are very capable of designing a tent. We have an in house design team so when you send us your graphics the team will go ahead and create a 3D rendering to help you visualize the tent. We create the renderings for absolutely free and we can get revisions back to you in about an hour. The revisions on the rendering creation are also free and we can do as many as needed until you are satisfied with the design. You can e-mail us or give us a call to get started. We do free quotes and respond within the same day, unless its no longer business hours, in which case we will respond the next business day. 

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