BBQ Food Booth

Smoke the Competition!

bbq-grill-smokin-01.jpgMobile Food Tent

For food vendors, mobility is everything, but compliance with food safety laws is also something that cannot be overlooked. California requires concession stands to have a fully enclosed headquarters and at least two windows where goods can be sold from. This tent system solves both issues while at the same time adding the marketing aspect of the booth. This BBQ food booth is a clear example of that. The upper half of the front and side walls is a mesh that allows airflow both in and out of the tent so the smoke won't be enclosed into the tent but rather it will flow out into public and lure people in. The tent itself is quite easy to install and unlike a portable concessions stand it can be fully set up in minutes so you can focus on what you do best, wether it be BBQ, churros, or tacos. A portable concessions stand takes anywhere over an hour to install or you have to haul the whole thing in a truck, whereas the food booth package can be stored in a relatively small space. The Food Booth Package includes the semi mesh walls, the full covered back wall and a fully printed tent top. If you have an idea or a design that you are curious about to see how your business tent can look, then just give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we'll help you develop a concept with a 3D Rendering. 

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