The Pickle Factory

(2) 10x10 Canopy Flag Tents

the-pickle-factory-10x10-canopiesThe Pickle Factory will literally have you in a pickle trying to choose from their many variations in flavor of their unique pickle elaboration. They came to us with their vision of design and we manufactured this fully printed custom design, 10x20 canopy tent, completely tailored to their most minimal requirement of specification.


Aside from how unique they are, they have a great variety of flavors for everyone. In the same way they have multiple options for people we have developed multiple Custom Canopy kits for people to choose from. In this case, The Pickle Factory chose two of our canopy flag packages for their business and they added walls to cover the shop. Their bright green/yellow design makes their logo stand out  and the canopy flags add a touch of flair to the tent setup that makes them look great. 


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