Custom HH Brewing Pop Up

Become part the interesting part of the event with a canopy.

hh-brewing-canopy-silver-01.jpgFirst Impressions

Have you heard of the saying, “First Impressions are important”. While a book should not be judged by
its cover, many people are unlikely to read it if the cover is not inviting. That holds true especially if
you’re a Brewery Company and if you’re at an event or tradeshow exhibiting with a plain tent or no tent
at all and especially with no message or company name that will surely make anyone reluctant to
approach your booth. You’ll lose that first impression opportunity every time you exhibit at an event or
tradeshow because the outside just isn’t inviting. You can’t afford to lose any business especially if
you’re a start up brewery trying to make it in a sea of craft beers.
Having a Corporate branded tent with your logos and graphics is so essential in today’s overcrowded
field of breweries that seem to be popping up on a daily basis all across the United States. So how can
you get noticed and distinguish yourself from the competition, by hiring a company that specializes and
manufactures corporate branded custom tents. Promotional Design Group was instrumental in custom
tailoring a 10x10 Custom Brewing Pop Up Canopy for HH Brewing Co. They’ve since increased their
customer base and are eager to attend other exhibiting opportunities in the years to come.
So join HH Brewing Co. and make a great first impression with a custom tent or canopy with your logos
or graphics from Promotional Design Group. Give us a call an order your First Impression Canopy today.

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