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Unique tent designs with endless customization opportunities.

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We are always improving our manufacturing methods to provide the absolute best promotional products.
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Gable Tents

These tents have two flat sides on each end of the tent and two sloping sides that taper and meet in the middle of the tent top. This forms a triangular prism on the tent top. The two sloping sides are giant canvasses that you can take advantage of and add custom printing.

Custom gable tents are compatible with all of the same accessories under the frame tent category. They can be modified with back walls, rail skirts and flags to add some flair to them. These tents stand out from all other frame tents because they can be adorned with a custom inflatable on top. We call these tents "tentflatables".  They are extremely popular with car dealerships and they are now making their way into more mainstream marketing events. They come with sturdy frames that can be manufactured from regular 2 inch aluminum, double tube poles and even from truss systems. They are most common in 20x20 sizes but they can be manufactured in almost any reasonable size. 

"The party was spectacular{...} it was all thanks to the tent."

-Jonah Weiss.

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Worldwide Delivery

We ship our all of our products worldwide, just let us know where you need it delivered.

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Digital Printing

We are not limited to a color or two. We can print nearly every color in the visible spectrum.

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UV Defense

We apply a protective coating to all of our printed tents, ensuring a long life span.

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Quick Delivery 

We can manufacture most of our products in a matter of days! Just let us know how quickly and how many you need and we will arrange to meet your deadlines. To guarantee a quick delivery we always respond as soon as humanly possible. Just fill out the form on the button below and we will get started with both quotes and free rendering mockups. We are ready to work with individuals, mom and pop shops or corporations/organizations.

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Made In America

We source our materials from all throughout the country and we manufacture all of our products here in the states. While we search for our materials, we are only satisfied with the best materials available to guarantee a high quality product. Our manufacturing methods are aided by state-of-the-art technologies that provide us with simple and effective solutions. One example is that all of our materials are fire retardant. This is a tent feature that is required by all fire marshals for all tents in the United States. 

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Not sure how to install a frame tent?  That's okay. We create handy installation videos for our standard design and custom design frame tents.

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