Bang Energy Drink Inflatables

Custom Inflatable on top of a Custom Tent

multiple-canopies-with-custom-inflatablesInflatable Replica on Top of Custom Pop Up Tent

Have you ever seen a canopy and inflatable combination like this? Well, probably not. Why? Because we are the only company in the world that makes these! We have manufactured them from scratch and while the idea isn't completely new, its definitely ours! We have created this tent because we came up with the idea to do it with our frame tents, so now we have taken the idea and translated it into our pop up tent line. The result is an incredibly new marketing product that is very vivid and lively. An inflatable on top of a pop up canopy is very easy to spot. As a matter of fact, it is visible from about 500 feet away! inflatable-and-canopy-detail

Add A Custom Inflatable to a Pop Up Tent!

Our pop up canopies are very incredible marketing tools because we do not manufacture cheap tents. We create the most heavy duty pop up tents possible because we want these marketing tools to last as long as possible. On top of that, we can customize all of our products. With our canopies we customize the tents and the tops as well as any accessories that might be needed. With this tent and inflatable combination we add a custom inflatable to the tent to make it truly eye-catching. 

Eye-Catching Designs

With this project we added printing to the whole tent along with custom printing on the inflatable. We made a replica of their energy drink cans to add to the top of the tent and it turned out great. The final result was a black tent covered in Bang's colorful graphics. The tent top covered in graphics followed their company branding guidelines to make sure the design didn't deviate from their branding specifics. The many panels on the tent lend themselves as canvasses that can be branded with any design you want. You can add high definition images, vector logos and even computer designed graphics. 

Need Help Designing Your Tent?

We have an extremely capable design team in-house that will help you decide how to lay out your graphics on the tent. We also provide you with free 3D rendering mockups so that you can see how the tent is going to look once you lay out your artwork on the different tent panels. The beauty of our Mockup system is that if you think artwork should be swapped out, resized or moved from its location you can see the results within 30 minutes to an hour.  We provide as many mockups as you need until you are satisfied with the way the tent looks. Once the whole tent is designed, we will send you a final mockup for you to approve. Once approved, we send your tent into our production pipeline and we begin the manufacturing process so that the tent is ready within 5-7 business days. 

Who are these tents for?

We believe that anyone can use these tents! That's right! A farmer's market booth can definitely use one, an exhibitor at an exhibition hall or maybe even a construction site that needs tents. Canopies are very versatile and can be used just for just about any event or special occasion. Many people run booths from their canopies where they sell food or homemade products. At the same time corporate entities are also using them to bring their presence closer to consumers instead of leaving a huge gap between the two. Every single tent can be designed exactly the way you want it to and since we have many accessories and possible combinations the design possibilities are endless. With a strong build quality we are sure the pop up tent will last a long for years to come. So, who are these tents for? Pop up canopies with custom inflatables are perfect for any event or marketing campaigns! 

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