Stella Rosa Canopy with Custom Inflatable

10x10 Canopy with 8 foot inflatable.

stella-rosa-pop-up-canopiesCustom canopies with custom inflatables

Promoting a business should be simple and beautiful at the same time. We believe that our canopies with custom inflatables are among the tools to do that. Since Stella Rosa has been a long time customer we went ahead made a mockup one of the inflatables we have previously created for them and one of the pop up tents we have made for them as well and we merged them. When presented with our canopy with custom inflatables idea, they immediately loved it and placed an order for 5 canopies with inflatables. They wanted fully printed tent tops, back walls and a custom inflatable for their tents. They also needed some to be labeled Stella Rosa and some to be labeled Riboli Family Wines, so we did both.  stella-rosa-canopies-side-by-side

1 custom tent and 1 custom inflatable in one?

Yes! The combination of the two takes on a whole new life to form a uniquely beautiful product. Tent's are great, and we love everything about them. We make them, customize them and even shape them differently when needed. We also structure them to have different sizes and functions depending on the customer's needs. We have created small tents, large tents and everything in between. We have made food booth tents, portable photo studios, and of course, event tents. Well, what about inflatables? Of course we've manufactured inflatables of all sorts! Just as with tents, we customize, shape, and manufacture everything ourselves so the possibilities are endless. With over thirty-five years of experience we have seen many models, styles and unique custom products come and go. This tent marries the two into a bundle that is simple to use and that makes the best of both products in one. 

Make your presence felt

Regardless of where you go with it, this tent and inflatable combo will make your business, organization or establishment stand out. If it is among tents crowded in a large event it is sure to be visible from afar as the inflatable sticks out from all of the other tents around. Not to mention that you can add custom graphics to all of the different panels on the tent to make it look just the way you want. You can add images to the tent top, logos, slogans or information to any part of the tent. The inflatables can be customized to have them look however you want. You can have incredible shapes for the inflatables since we can customize them to be just about anything!

The Final Result

With an inflatable on top, which is rare, a canopy truly stands out like no other tent. This whole combo is unusual but it looks great. We are the only company in the world who is manufacturing them and our success is due to the uniqueness of the products we manufacture. Stella Rosa has now taken the canopy to multiple events where they were instantly recognized by event attendees. An easy to use product like this can be installed in minutes, leaving you time to focus on what truly matters, your event.

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