NASA Canopy with Inflatable Rocket

Let's find aliens.


10x10 Rocket Inflatable Pop Up Canopy

This stellar pop up tent/inflatable fusion is one of our latest creations here at Promotional Design Group. The tent with inflatable has been a major success so we are now introducing it into our pop up tent line. NASA is a constantly using promotional products for their many events and they rent and buy tents and inflatable from us all of the time. So, when we told them we had a new product, they naturally wanted to try it out! This tent is completely new and no one has ever seen it before since we are the only tent manufacturer that can make it. nasa-canopy-with-inflatable-rocket

 How can it be customized?

With this particular project, we worked with a previous inflatable design we had made for NASA and we added it to a pop up canopy design they previously ordered. The two items form a canopy with an inflatable and they perfectly complement each other when in theme. The tent can be customized with the graphics of your choice and the inflatable can be just about anything! We can make replicas, custom shapes and even create new inflatables from scratch. 

Stand out!

This tent is highly visible from afar since it doesn't look anything like the other custom tents available anywhere else and because the inflatable adds an extra 8 feet of height to the tent. You will not have a hard time looking for this tent since it has an easy to see inflatable on the top and the colorful graphics that let passerby know exactly what you showcase. Most tents in exhibitions are white or a boring solid color, but with a custom tent you can brand the tent to look however you want. The tent can have a corporate feel with professional graphics and a solid color scheme that matches your branding guidelines. You can also add extremely colorful images or graphics to have an inviting/friendly tent. 

Is it hard to use?

This type of tent is extremely easy to use even though it is a combination of two different items. The tent comes in a set of bags that each house the tent and its accessories while the second bag secures the inflatable. The final product is a set of two bags and a canopy frame. Transporting this canopy setup is relatively easy too because it is not bulky or heavy. What about installing the tent? One of our professional tent installers can have the whole setup installed in a matter of 10 minutes or less. If you've never used a tent or our inflatables it might take 20 minutes. We have made it a user friendly system so that the canopy with inflatable doesn't become a complex system that is extremely difficult to use. 

Is it heavy duty?

Since this tent is a combination of two of our most popular products, we wanted to ensure it is in line with everything we manufacture. All of our products are made of the most durable materials and they all come with unbeatable warranties. The video above showcases some examples of a few tents with inflatables we have created so far. As soon as we started offering it to our clientele we noticed that it was an immediate hit! So, how can you get one? Just give us a call and we will have our team work with you to make it just the way you envision it! 

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