Affordable Storage Canopy

3 foot happy face on a custom tent.

happy-face-inflatable-on-custom-canopyHappy Face Inflatable On Pop Up Canopy

What happens when you have  friendly staff, offer a great service and extremely competitive pricing! You have a great business! All great business are geared to grow but sometimes they need a little help. How so? Well, what if not too many people know about your great business? You need to put in some work to get people to know you and your brand and getting to know possible clients in person is a great way! Affordable Storage is located in San Angelo, Texas and their business has a 5 star rating everywhere because of how good they are at providing all of the services needed to their customers at a great price, with a fantastic service. The issue with their business is foot traffic, they do not receive many inquiries at their facilities because they look like giant warehouses, so they take to events to promote their business! They explain their services and now, with their new tent they can attract more attention. They can install it outside of their facilities or, since the tent is mobile, they can take it to events where they can promote their business!multiiple-inflatables-along-with-inflatable-on-top-of-pop-up-tent

Simple and Remarkable Designs

Once you have a logo and a color palette we take it and create tent designs for your canopy. Their logo consist of the verbiage "Affordable Storage" with the O in Affordable being a happy face on top of a red background. Our design team then takes the logo and finds ways to incorporate it into the many different panels our canopies have and they come up with a final design that is then presented to the customer. We offered our new pop up tent with a custom inflatable and they loved the idea and placed an order.   

Simple Yet Effective

Although the design is not over the top, the logo is easy to see from any angle and since the inflatable sits on top it attracts the attention of passerby. The happy face is a very bright yellow so you just cant miss is, but when couple with the tent, it all comes to life! A tent like this is not a common sight. How do we know? Well, we are the only manufacturer of these tents since it is our invention!

Heavy Duty Pop Up Tents

All of the tents are made of incredibly heavy duty materials! In this tent there are three main components. They include the tent frame, the tent material and the inflatable. The pop up canopy frame is made of an incredibly heavy duty aluminum and the corner connectors on the tent are made of metal instead of plastic like most canopies. This tent frame will come with a 7+ year warranty! Now, for the tent materials. The tent materials include the tent top and any accessories added to the tent, such as the back wall or rail skirts. They are made of the same heavy duty vinyl coated polyester material that longterm tents are made of. This means they can be installed for hours, days and years at a time, just like a long-term frame tent. Finally, we have the inflatable. The inflatable is made of the exact same materials we create all of our inflatable are made of. These are meant to last through thick and thin since they are also made of extremely durable materials. On both the inflatable material and the tent material we apply a U.V. coating to protect the graphics from fading or scratching from the tent. The whole tent with an inflatable canopy is made of high quality materials so that the custom tent can last you for years to come. 

How Can I Design One

If you need one of these tents we can get started on mockups for you to immediately. We have an in-house design team that will work with you to make the tent look as best as possible. We work pretty quick so you can see the rendering we create within an hour or two from when we talk. Our team member are friendly and accommodating and they will come up with solutions to your marketing needs. Since we have a huge inventory and many different tent options the will work with you to find the right promotional product just for you, just give us a call. 

Looking for something completely original?

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