20x50 Standard Frame Tents

Blue and Red Tents Available for Rent


Looking for a tent to rent for your corporate event? Worried about having picked out the perfect venue that suits your needs in terms of space? Let us lift some of the weight off, if your event is within close proximity we can even have our PDG Installation crew survey your venue for the ideal set up location. We can ease some of the burden by providing answers to your questions in person, going through any possible contingencies with you.

20x50-standard-frame-tents-blueThat is just one of the many benefits of renting a frame tent from us. We can also guarantee the best quality product that we manufacture ourselves in house, out of our warehouse facility in Los Angeles, CA. Our frame tents are heavy duty, commercial grade and 100% U.S. made. You don’t have to worry about our tent’s sturdiness or even a major hazard. Our tents can really pass the test under any difficult circumstances, such as rain, or even fire because they’re made out of a water proof and fire retardant material. But if you’re too far don’t be discouraged from renting from us, we can always suggest someone in your area to help you with your tent set up.


The items found in this project are the following:

- (1) 20x50 Tent Top

-(1) 20x50 Standard Pole Tent Frame

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