20x40 Striped High Peak Tent

Commercial Grade Tent Rental


Looking for the most reliable tent for your next event? Take the necessary measures to ensure no weather condition will be a hindrance at your event and go with one of our tents because there is no other company out there that can guarantee what PDG can. Whether you’re buying or renting, all of our tents are made out of the same commercial grade materials, so you can rest assured that even when you decide to go for a rental you have made the right decision.



Our high peak tents like the ones pictured here are pole frame tents, which means we can and have designed some very large ones. These two high peak tents are 20’x40’ and are among the most popular in design because of their very eye catching, striped pattern that makes them impossible not to spot at any festival. Our tents are both fire retardant and water resistant. You really can’t go wrong with our rentals. We offer delivery and installation services as well. Give us a call today for a quote.

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