20x20 American Flag

High Peak Tent

Red, white, and blazing. 

Get ready for 4th of July with a wonderful tent like this 20x20 American flag high peak tent. This solid and sturdy patriotic tent is available for purchase as well as rental. If you're only looking to use it once or twice, renting is probably the way to go. These tents can be used for many types of events, and meet all fire codes in the US.  


Rent or Buy? 

At PDG, we have many different tent styles and sizes to choose from. These tents can be purchased or rented for however long you need them. Rentals are limited to local customers, due to shipping costs. 

Special Events

Looking for something a bit more unique than just a solid colored tent? We have some really cool custom tents, like one with little penguins frolicking around. We also have a birthday party cake tent. Interested in more? Give us a call and find out more. 

Looking for something completely original?

Give us a call to exchange ideas. We love to collaborate.

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