Women's Health Event Tent

Promoting Women's Health through events with a tents

40x40-womens-health-event-tent.jpgWomen's Health Awareness Campaign

Women's Health is a publication of tips to bring awareness about health issues that affect women. At the same time they share general health tips geared towards women to help them in their day to day lives. They cover topics ranging from healthy eating habits, skin care and feminine health advice. Many people think the magazine they publish is the only resource they offer to share this knowledge but that's not true. They also host events whenever they can with large marketing tents that we helped create. These tents are printed in their unique magenta with their logo embedded across the tents.  


About the tents

When hosting events that will have a couple hundred people in them the event coordinators seek to buy a big tent that will house the various activities they will presenting to attendees. In this case they went with two. A really big 40x40 tent and an even larger 40x80 tent. They were both printed with their logo spread across the tent tops in their particular Pantone Color. How so, well, we color match any tent and inflatable upon request with our advanced printing techniques. In this case they gave us a specific color in the Pantone Matching System and we printed it throughout the tent. The valances of the tent, the draping sections, were also printed with their website domain so visitors could access it. These tents were actually not the only marketing products we printed for them. We also manufactured smaller custom tents and multiple inflatables for their other events. All in all, we are happy to have worked with them on these projects and can't wait to start working on their next big project. 

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