Marijuana Dispensary Tent

Custom Printed High Peak Tent with 10 foot legs.

marijuana-dispensary-tent-01.jpgPortable Marijuana Seed Distributor

Seed Vault is a company that specializes in storing and selling different marijuana seed strains for farmers to have a pure selection of unaltered variants of the plant. Selling both the best strains and the best seeds is not easy, as you have to test everything to make sure it meets the standards of the very best. When it comes to agriculture, be it recreational or not, genes are the most important of its traits. I am sure you've heard the term "you reap what you sow." Again, back to genes, the better the genes of the strain you plant, the better the yield (if you do everything to make sure it grows with proper attention.) This company works hard to provide the best of the best everywhere they go. They are like the Svalbard seed bank of marijuana. So, where have they gone? They've been to many events hosted by High Times and others with a white tent before, but this was their first event with a custom printed tent. At their previous events with the white tents they had very little visitors and truth be told, they didnt really stand out from the rest, since every other booth looked exactly the same. In the picture below(left) you can see their tent not only looking different and unique from every single other tent at the event. This makes a huge difference in terms of both visibility and presence. 

What kind of tent is it?


This specific tent is a 20x20 double tube tent. It includes a custom printed tent top, back wall, ballys (left and right short walls) and a set of printed table covers. All of these items adorn the tent and make it look nice next to its competitors. Aside from just looking nice it helps establish the company's presence becuase it can easily be recognized from afar, as opposed to having to look through each one of the white tents until you find what you are looking for. The tent frame is also customized since the tent legs are 10 ft. tall. This gives them more visibility since the standard height is 8ft for nearly all frame tents which makes the base of their tent top two feet higher. The other unique feature the tent has is the double tube setup. This allows the tent to be maintained with 4 legs as opposed to the 8 legs it would have needed for the installation. We made a case study regarding the tent which we invite you to visit if you want to find out more regarding the project. You can find the article regarding the tent here

So, How can you get one?

Contact us with the get a quote button on the top right or give us a call and we'll contact you immediately. If you have a specific request in size, color or shape we can create a 3D mock up rendering to show you how it will look. If you need changes made to the rendering we can get it done the same day. If the project is irregular or extremely customized we'll get it to you the day after. All of our renderings are free of charge and a purchase is not necessary in order to receive one. 

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