Nissan Micra Carnival Tent

Octagonal Tent with Custom 10 Foot Legs

nissan-micra-carnival-tent.jpgOctagonal Carnival Tent

Octagonal tents are typically high peak style. They have eight legs and eight top panels. This Nissan Micra tent was just that, except for the fact that it was customized. The tent was a regular carnival style high peak tent, but on four of the panels the printing section was removable for the customer to have versatility with it. They could choose whether to have the tent be a red and white striped tent or if they wanted it to have sections with printing. On the top view, in the rendering below you can see the four sections mentioned. The tent is also a pole tent so the whole tent is easy to setup and install. As mentioned before, this carnival tent is manufactured as a high peak style with a peak extruded more than usual. A tent like this offers high visibility since the color pattern is easy to see from afar. It also has quite a lot of space within it since it is not a normal 20x20, rather it is a 25x25. 

carnival-tent-design.jpgWhat kind of warranty does a tent like this come with? The tent frame comes with a limited lifetime warranty and the tent top comes with a 3 year warranty on the solid tent top and a 1 year warranty on the printing. All of the materials they are manufactured from are heavy duty so that the tent can last as long, if not longer than our warranties. The tent top is manufactured out of 13oz. vinyl and it is printed with our in-house techniques. The custom print is then coated with a U.V. protective coating that will shield the graphics from scratching, fading and direct contact with sunlight. We stand behind all of our products because we know that every tent, inflatable and accessory we manufacture is up to our standards. 

Are you looking to customize a tent or canopy? We can easily modify any tent since we manufacture them in-house. If you are looking to get branding or print a unique color on it we can do it too. There are no limits to the colors you can print on the any tent and we love to see our customers get extremely creative with it. We once had a tent that was printed with a tiki hut texture and when everything was set up it looked very nice! The graphics can be completely customized any way you want and this applies to our small trade show tents as well as our large event tents. What about the inflatables? Yes, it applies to the inflatables as well. Just give us a holler and we'll help you out with any project you need. We also provide free mock ups so you can see what the final product will look like without a commitment to a purchase. 

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