Medalla Star Tents

Unique Tents Designs Customized for Medalla Brewing

medalla-star-canopy.jpgVinyl Star Tents

Have you ever seen a Star Tent? These beautiful tents offer a unique design and they are quite different from conventional tents. Customized tents are meant to be eye catching to distinguish yourself from the rest with a tent full of colorful print. This tent takes an extra leap in making itself completely stand out. It is by no means a common design and it is definitely not a conventional tent but it is very innovative. We work hard to design unique models and make sure they are functional. Our structural design team will model the entire tent in a state-of-the-art computer simulation software which helps us ensure complete structural integrity. Once we have the model completely developed we start testing and developing prototypes to ensure the final product is as good as can be.double-peak-star-tent.jpg

This entire tent was printed on our toughest vinyl with our advanced printing procedures. The tents come with a custom yellow and a custom red. Both colors are in their branding guidelines and they needed them to match their guide. In the images above you can see how big the tent was and how futuristic it looks. Setting it up is easier than we thought it would be and securing it was also fairly easy. So, what kind of terrain can you install the tent in? Grass, dirt, asphalt? You choose, it is ready for anything you throw at it. This double peak star tent was one of multiple tents we manufactured for them. They also ordered a single peak star canopy and it looks great. They wanted to have the option to either use the single peak, the double peak or maybe even both at events. On top of that, they ordered custom dome canopies as yet, another option. custom-printed-star-tent.jpg

Are you looking to customize a tent or canopy? We can easily modify any tent since we manufacture them in-house. If you are looking to get branding or print a unique color on it we can do it too. There are no limits to the colors you can print on the any tent and we love to see our customers get extremely creative with it. We once had a tent that was printed with a tiki hut texture and when everything was set up it looked very nice! The graphics can be completely customized any way you want and this applies to our small trade show tents as well as our large event tents. What about the inflatables? Yes, it applies to the inflatables as well. Just give us a holler and we'll help you out with any project you need. We also provide free mock ups so you can see what the final product will look like without a commitment to a purchase. 

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