Medalla Arch Tents

Customized 15 foot Arch Tents for Medalla Brewing

medalla-arch-tents-01.jpgPrinted Arch Canopies

These Medalla Arched Tents were custom manufactured and designed. This frame style is a variance of the arch frame tents with an added lip on each side, which gives the frame an extra bit of flair. The tent top is printed yellow with their logo on all four tops and the tent is a little taller than usual, giving the branding higher visibility, literally. This high visibility helps people identify the brand from afar while the brand headquarters look great since the tents have a nice design. Installing these tents is very easy since the system is pretty straightforward and securing the tent is also easy. Since the tents are taller than normal tent heights, which start at 8 feet, we highly recommend a tent like this tethered to prevent it from being dragged by wind. As a matter of fact, we really like to emphasize that every single tent needs to be secured. If for any reason wind exceeds 15 MPH you definitely need to take the tent down as it's what we recommend for safety. This tent was actually accompanied by another tent we manufacture called the star tent. It is a new tent design that is becoming increasingly popular. You can see an image below of the Star Tent. This tent was also custom printed and when we put it together we made sure the we made sure the patterns printed matched and aligned all around. Since we manufacture the tents by hand we align the artwork manually and the final result is as good as it gets. 


As you can see we have many frame tent styles to offer and modify. These are two of our tent types and we have many more in our catalog. These specific tents were also customized and so they are not the cookie cutter templates for those models we offer. They were printed and their length, width and height was modified to fit the customer's needs. Whenever we create a custom tent we know that the final result will be great because we create a model to make sure the system works in theory, we then test it in real life and then we re-test it to make sure the structural integrity is good. Once everything looks good we work on the final tent and once it is done we perform a full inspection to make sure everything is as expected. So if you are interested in a custom frame tent, just let us know. You can email us or you can give us a call and we will respond within the same day or as soon as possible. Once were in contact we will provide you with a quote for the items you are looking for and a free 3-D rendering for you to have a good idea of how the final product is going to look. 

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