Marvel Event Tent

40x60 Standard Frame Tent with Printing for Marvel Universe Live

Custom Printed Standard Frame Tent

Standard tents have a unique style in that they tend to be more of a cookie cutter design. This tent design is a classic design that is now the standard tent design. Where do you think the name came from... no, seriously. Well, this tent is a custom Marvel event tent that they will be using to host a range of activities at their shows. The tent is quite large and as you can see it is covered in printing. 

Great experiences waiting to be made. 


The pictures shown above are at event they took the large tent to. It is great for photo ops and it gives attendees a fun experience they will not forget. The event travels all across the U.S. and is currently on tour. So what exactly is the event? Well, its an event full of activities where you can participate and play games, take pictures and after all of that you get to go and see a live performance with your favorite Marvel characters. It's great for kids and families as well as any Marvel enthusiast. 

Tent Details


The Marvel event tent is full of colorful printing as well as other useful features that we integrated in the tent. It is a 40'x60' tent with a standard frame tent design. The materials used are completely heavy duty as the tent is meant to be used in multiple occasions throughout the course of a tour across the country. Within the tent are mesh walls that guide attendees through a maze of activities held within the tent. You can see the mesh walls below which still allow visibility through the tent without cutting out light. The tent also had multiple entrances when installed at event it was outfitted with a ground tarp that covered the exposed ground (see images from the event above.) The majority of the tent was printed with our state-of-the-art printing equipment to give the tent ambiance not only a playful look but also provided a high image scenery that made the show experience even better. 


The tent is a success at their events and we know it will hold up for a long time since we provide a limited lifetime warranty for the tent frame. The tent top has a 3 year warranty but we know it will outlast that easily as we put a clear coat on the print so it will not fade, scratch or alter in any shape, way or form. We are happy to have worked on this project and believe the tent to be one of our greatest accomplishments. If you are interested in a tent of any sort, let us know as we can help youthroughout the entire process. We help you determine the size you need, we guide you in tent design and we are very flexible when it comes to competitive pricing. 

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