White Mario Kart Tent

Customized tent for video game demos.

video-game-marketing-tent.jpgMario Kart Driving School

When Nintendo rolled out their New Mario Kart game (pun totally intended) they held multiple events throughout the U.S. to promote it. They toured the country letting people test drive the game(haha, another pun!) to their hearts content. Now, Nintendo is known for hosting events all of the time at largescale events like Comic-con but this time they needed to promote it on a standalone basis. When everyone was done playing they took a picture of you and as you drove in their new game they took the time to print a Nintendo issued driver's license with your picture and name printed on it. The keepsake made the event that much more memorable but let's not forget the tent. 

In the images above they visited Washington D.C. where they made one of their first stops for the event. 

About the tent

In the Images above you can see when they visited Vegas and the image on the right is the tent being inspected by us at our facility in Los Angeles. 

This project was a complete success for Nintendo since they used the tent for nearly all marketing events until their next big project came about. The tent is a custom printed 20x20 high peak tent. They wanted baby blue checkers across the valances with the Mario Kart Wii logo printed across the tops. On each of the corners of the tent they attached flags that gave the already elegant tent an extra amount of flair. It was subtle but noticeable. The tent was also covered in walls so the demo room was enclosed and the participants were able to focus on the experience without distractions coming at them from the sides. This looked beautiful with the printing that was easy to recognize for fans while at the same time staying very in tune with Nintendo's branding. In the image below you can see barrel covers that weighted the tent in order to secure it from potential wind. This was done in order to keep the tent grounded because of the wind situation they were experincing in D.C. and once they adopted it they kept it to ensure safety above all. The tent itself is a heavy duty tent that will not buckle or should it be exposed to rougher situations. Now although we are confident in the tent, we highly reccomend the tent be taken down in winds exceeding 15MPH or higher. Safety is above all. 


Watch the video below to see the various tent styles we have available. They can all be customized to look exactly the way you want them to, wether it be shape, size or color. All of our tents are made with the highest grade materials to ensure a product that will last long while looking as best as it can. 

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