Car Tents With Inflatables

The Original Tent With Inflatable Invention

red-jeep-wrangler-tent-with-inflatable-01.jpgCustom Tent With Colorful Printing

When we first came up with tents with inflatables, we were looking to make a hybrid of two of our best selling products. The original idea was to make a tent with an inflatable on top with a car printed on the tent and the car's image printed on an inflatable that spanned on the top of gable tent. The tapered tent top is a special design that we have been working with for a long time. It is one of the original tent designs that has endured becuase of its simple look. It also provides you with a great design for structural integrity since it is reinforced with extra poles on the top and a rectangular frame on top. 


The tents we manufacture are unique because we have not seen anyone on the market who does anything similar to this. An inflatable on top of a tent? Exactly, as you can see in the images above and below, the tents are colorful and the designs are true to what the companies envision. We also add a vehicle inflatable with lively imagery and realistic car images instead of phony looking cars. Being able to see a car from 500 feet away will be easy to with one of the tents with inflatables. We have come up with the term tentflatable as a combination of both tent and inflatable. These large tents are common in a 20x20 and a 20x40 gable with a 20ft inflatable placed on top of the tent. 

jeep-wrangler-and-20x20-honda-accord-tentflatable-01.jpgThe tentflatable idea is now a widely adopted and they are very commonly rented and purchase. Companies are in need of unique tent structures to stand out from the rest and these are increasingly popular among those looking for a custom tent. These car tents are more commonly used for car dealerships that want rent or sell these vehicles. These tents are easy to customize and we have dedicated enough time to developing them that we have now perfected the creation. Also, if you are interested in creating one, just let us know and we will create a free mockup for you to see how it looks before you commit to buying. Now, lets say, you do not like what you see.....So, let us know and we will gladly go on and make the neccessary changes to the rendering and until we perfect it for you. 


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