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Custom Tent: 20x20 High Peak Tent Banner and Short Wall

custom-high-peak-tentEvery promotional tent provides you with dimension in any event you assist because they aren’t one solid color and made of some cheap materials, but rather, they are high quality and highly customized printing can definitely make your images and branding stand out from the usual boring everyday tents. This specific promo tent was designed by Hippie Dips and our designers. They brought an idea and our designers worked hard to make it come to life. We provided them with Three-dimensional renderings to proof the concept and they made many changes until we arrived at the final design. Our designers then turned all of the artwork over to our production department and they started with printing to make sure the colors we precise and to ensure the print quality was perfect. Then they coated it with our U.V. coating to ensure a long outdoor life and they assembled it (during our quality control phase) to ensure everything fit perfect and there were no errors in production. Hippie Dips loved the final product and we loved working on it because it tested our capabilities and we were happy to be able to deliver.20x20-custom-tent

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