Gregory Poole CAT

20x40 Custom Frame Tent

Gregory Pool CAT maintains a focus on great service and exclusive partnerships with some of today’s leading manufacturers, a valued member to the heavy industry in North Carolina and beyond; they are your one-stop shop for all of your heavy equipment needs. When it comes to all your promotional and advertising needs, Promotional Design Group is your one-stop shop.gregory-poole-cat-tent

PDG first opened its doors in 1984 as a commercial grade tent manufacturer in Los Angeles California. Being one of the very first companies in the industry, our pioneering work has set the standard for other companies that later followed. We have become a world leader in the industry of tent manufacturing due to our never-ending efforts on innovation and development. Pictured above is a 10x20 custom frame tent which is made out of some of the best, most durable materials in the industry.gregory-poole-cat-10x20

The items found in this project are the following:

- (1) 10'x20' Solid Colored Standard Frame Tent 

- (2) Custom vinyl top

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