Extreme Makeover Show Tent

Custom 30x30 show tent with mesh walls.

Extreme-makeover-show-tent.jpgCustomizeable Frame Tent

Frame tents come in many different styles suited for different purposes. The standard frame tent is a multipurpose tent since it is the most common design for any tent possible. Every tent variance availabe emerged from the frame tent. The typical size a tent is manufactured in is a rather small since most range from a 10x10 to a 20x20. This tent on the other hand is no ordinary standard frame tent. It was commisioned for us to manufacture by none other than the popular t.v. show; Extreme Makeover Home Edition.


ABC's Custom Printed Show Tent

ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a highly popular show where people that tune in get to follow the journey of an American family that is in dire need of help fixing their home. The thing is, they don't just rebuild their home, they get an entirely new home thanks to ABC. These acts of kindness are heartwarming and America loves to watch them. We watch them so much that we are now familiar with the show's slogans, Move That Bus! The families then get to experience seeing their new homes for the first time and the crowd that amasses around them goes wild. 


What did they use it for?

So, what did they use the tent for? This large 30x30 tent was for the cast members to work under while the family, who was away on their vacation, returned. Sometimes they went to locations where the sun beams down on everyone working and they needed an area to hold meetings for decision making. 

What makes the tent special?

The tent is a heavy duty tent meant to be erected for long periods at a time. Not only that, but it was custom pritned with the event's logo and it was a larger than usual tent that is not a standard size. The show tent had to look good both in person and in camera and so the design needed to be more attractive than usual. They requested to have tent walls, but they had to be half mesh and half printed for there to still be an airflow within the tent. The lower half of the wall was the one that included printing. The tent printing was done in the exact same manner the walls were created and with the same techniques. We print with advanced technology that allows the ink to adhere to the vinyl while bonding itself onto the material instead of layering itself on top like a sticker. After that the ink will not come off the vinyl with a mere scratch but we protect it even more by applying a U.V. coating that will protect the print from U.V., scratching, and fading. This protective layer is a key element of the tent's longterm survival. The warraty provided with a printed tent is 3 years for the tent top and a limited lifetime warranty on the tent frame. The tent itself is rather big with it's 30x30(feet) dimensions (or 9x9 in meters) whereas the usual tent size is a 20x20 in feet and 6x6 in meters. 

How can I customize one?

Let us know what you have in mind and we'll work with you to make a tent just the way you want it. If it needs to be a specific shape, color, size or style we can accomodate that since we manufacture all types of tents. You can get a quote by giving us a call or clicking the button on the top right. 

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