Custom Pepsi Tent

Red and White Hexagonal Carnival Tent

pepsi-tent-next-to-promotional-design-group-building.jpg40x40 Festival Tent

This large hexagonal tent is very unique. We customized it with special dimensions, custom printing and even customized the tent style. The tent is a mix of our high peak tent, with our hexagonal tent with our festival tent and the combination turned out beautiful. The design is easy to look at, not too complex, not too bare and at the same time very eye-catching. The prominent blue on the tent is without a doubt PepsiCo's blue. They also needed branding on the tent and we also delivered on it. We printed the tent top to match their specific blue along with their logo on the tent peak. Beneath the logo they wanted a slogan since they had a whole lot of space on the tent top. They also needed the tent to be a very specific size and we were able to accomplish this without a problem. Below you can see the tent with multiple people standing around it so you can see just how big it is. 


The tent was used at multiple types of events but it was mostly used at Pepsi hosted music events. Pepsi hosts multiple events throughout the summer, nationwide. Some happen all across the east or west coast, up and down the coast. Some other festivals are hosted by third parties and PepsiCo becomes a sponsor. They take the tent to provide event-goers with shade and limited runs of soda flavors as well as their classic cola. The tent is big enough to provide them with space for a booth and space for attendees to stay out of the shade. Large tents are perfect for marketing purposes since they come in handy at events all of the time. The original tent design has completely enclosed walls which they have access to at all times. So, the tent offers them versatility regardless of wherever they go. They can install all of the walls, half of the walls or none of the walls and since they are easy to attach and remove. If it's a rainy day or a sunny day they can set the tent up in whatever configuration they need. Again, visibility is everything and the tent delivers a beautiful, highly visible print along with vivid colors. In the image below you can see the tent at a music festival with a booth from which they sold soda. 

custom-pepsi-tent-at-festival.jpgPhoto Credit: EPS Doublet

Interested in a large festival tent like the one Pepsi purchased? Well, let us know. We can cater to your needs. If you need a specific size, shape or print we can provide you with whatever you need since we are the direct manufacturer. The is no need for a middle-man who will up charge to make a profit. Rather,  we manufacture all of our products in our headquarters located in Los Angeles.

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