Cheez-It Dome Tent

Custom Red Color-Matching

cheez-it-arch-dome.jpgMulticolored Arch Canopy

One of the most important aspects of buying branded promotional products is making sure that the color schemes match your brand and other marketing materials. To solve this Pantone has come up with the Pantone Matching System. This is a color system that sets the standard for certain colors and it gives you the amounts of "primary" colors to blend to achieve a certain color. This process is not as easy as it sounds. There are many more technicalities, but we focus on being able to offer this servicebecause some of our clients are from larger corporations such as Coca Cola or Pepsi. As you can tell, custom printing is not a problem, we actually print 95% of the products we manufacture. You can scour our website and for the most part you will find the majority of our products are printed. 


This CHEEZ-IT tent was made for them to promote their limited time Stix at events. These tents are perfect for trade shows, events at local stores or even sports events. We have seen them used as demo booths where people could come by and try a sample of whatever you are offering. The vivid red on the tent is also very attractive so those nearby cannot miss it. The printing is crisp and clear and the tent is big enough for you to host multiple employees within it or you could leave it wide open for people to come and go. These tents come in many different standard sizes, but if you need a custom size we can definitely do it. We previously manufactured a 12.5x20 arch tent that was completely custom built. Sizing is not a problem, printing is not a problem and fabrication is not a problem since we specialize in all of that. So don't shy away from telling us if you need something unique, we know we can make it. 

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