AMA Pro Racing Tent

Custom printed to their satisfaction.

AMA-racing-tent.jpgCustom Printed Racing Tent

The AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) has multiple different sub labels within it that focus on different types of motorcycle sport events. The Pro Racing division is a group that manages events and races that the public can attend or be a part of. For their events they needed a large 30x30 tent with custom printing that would help attendees easily recognize them. The tent was used to sell merchandise and it stored and showcase products for people to browse and buy. The printing on the tent top features a very specific blue that we had to match for their branding guidelines. The entire canopy is printed on a high grade vinyl that is meant to last a long time. The tent can be installed in a location and left there for an indefinite amount of time as it is waterproof and the metals on the frame are non corrosive high grade aluminum.  The tent itself is accompanied by a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 3 year warranty on the printed top. If the top was not printed the warranty would be a 5 year tent top warranty. 

About the tent

Largescale events require mobile structures that are both safe and easy to use. The standard frame tent the most common tent style available anywhere in the world. This is because it is easy to use and transport. We pack the tent top in a heavy duty bag made out of the same vinyl we produce our tent tops. The bag is meant to protect the printed tent top form scratching. The tent poles are all bundled up and tied together. Installing the canopy, from start to finish, takes less than half an hour and absolutely no tools to assemble. This is great because a semi permanent structure takes longer to install and it requires a whole lot more parts, labor and tools. Not only that but trasporting the tent is rather easy and the whole thing can be hauled in one load and installed and taken down by just two people. To top it off, you can design the tent to reflect your company's brand and it will look just as good as the tent above. 

Need a Specific Color?

We can color match any color(s) on the Solid Coated Pantone Matching System, like the one above. The AMA Pro Racing division had us print a very specific red and blue to match all of their other marketing materials. We deliver accuracy as close possible with our advanced printing machinery. 

How can I design one?

Give us a call and tell us what kind of tent you are looking to get. We will then guide you through the process of desinging one. Our sales reps work hand in hand with our designers to provide you with the tools neccesary to bring your vision to life. So, if you have an idea for anything just let us know and we'll help you realize it. 

Looking for something completely original?

Give us a call to exchange ideas. We love to collaborate.

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